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Big Brother 12, Sept. 15 – Alliance Strategist Gets Goose Egg

Hayden makes a last speech to the jury and says he feels blessed to be there. Their job is to pick the winner, and it should be the person who played the best. Lane is a great guy, and they both payed a great social game and had an amazing alliance. The bottom line is he won five competitions, and Lane won one. Four of them were HoH comps, and he won three in a row, the last three. He remembered Rachel saying earlier no one has ever won three in a row, and it doesn’t hold true now anymore. He also won a veto when it mattered the most, and it carried the Brigade into the final three. He played a good social game and was competitive when it mattered. In the house he was a genuine guy, treating everyone with the respect they deserved. He never said anything too hurtful, even though he had a secret alliance. If you’re voting on who the best player is, it’s him, and he believes that.

Lane thanks everyone for an amazing summer. He congratulates all of them for making it to the jury. From the first day he walked in, he saw how many competitors were in the house, and each of them has awesome aspects. They’re unique, crazy, funny, and are comeptitiors. He wanted to win every competition, too, and played the game to every apsect he could socially and staying in the back when he needed to. He doens’t think it’s about winning the most comps and says he won two, not just one. He knows they’re smart and love the show and knows they’ll make the right decision.

The jury all come up to vote, and Rachel says it’s hard and she thinks they both played well and are both social players. This goes to the best one. Kathy says it’s really hard, but they know where her heart is. Matt says kicking hm out of the house was the best move of the game, and if they would have made it to final four he would have anihilated them all, and with that his vote goes to the person that was most active in the decision to stab him in the back.

Brendon tells them they’d all rather be sitting there rather than here, but they played a good social game. His vote is going to the one with the best social game. Ragan thinks they’re both spectacular human beings, but one is there to win a million dollars and the other is there to give it away. Britney says if it couldn’t be her, so she is so glad that it’s between two spectacular people she loves and adores. Enzo jokes his decision is between who needs a haircut and who needs a shave.

The first four evicted from the game return, and they are the only houseguests to have had a chance to see the whole game. They play some of the clips from those first four weeks in the house, and Rachel gets to hear Monet absolutely trashing her. Asked for a response, Rachel doesn’t think she’s skanky and says she didn’t talk to her and she had to put someone up. She undersnds why she might hate her, but she hopes there’s no bad feelings now.

Monet doesn’t think saying those things had anything to do with them not talking to one another. She thinks it was because she was in the heat of the moment, but they’re two different people, and they wouldn’t socialize with each other outside the house, and being in the house together made it ten times harder. Being that it’s a finale and she had all those weeks out of the house, she could have given Rachel a little credit here and been a little nicer.

Kristen was accused by Andrew of being in a showmance with Hayden and she denied it. We get to se the truth, seeing them in bed making out. The other houseguests are loving it. including Andrew, who had said in a DR then it was like falling asleep trying to listen to a dirty movie. Kristen updates everyone on her boyfriend back home, saying they have broken up, and she’s happily single just doing her thing. It’s open-ended for her and Hayden, no matter where it goes. It’s in his court. Hayden doesn’t look happy to hear that. He says they’ll see what happens, and he’ll take her out to get some pizza. Lane wants to argue whether it’s pizza or pie, helping Hayden get out of the weirdness of that situation.

Andrew says the most shocking thing he saw was Enzo being the leader of the Brigade on day two, Rachel’s extensions, as he didn’t know about that either, and the amount of lies in the house. Everyone knows about Matt’s lie about Stacey, but Andrew had his own secrets. He’s really a podiatrist, and he explains to Enzo that’s a foot doctor, and tells Matt that he was pronouncing the disease his wife supposedly had wrong.

Julie tells Andrew to explain about the Stacey thing, as the final three don’t know about it. Enzo’s reaction is that Matt has to be the second saboteur, and he says he’s not. Enzo says he was small, he had to be sneaky, plus he had tattoos all over. Hayden says matt played him like a fiddle and he had no clue, but he’s an actor, nice work. Lane tells him he should make up a lie about his dog, not his wife. Matt has no remorse about the lie, but is remorseful that some people were hurt. Truth be told, it was to garnish votes if he made it to final two and he got the point of having Kathy, Rachel, and Brendon telling him he’d make it in the end just because of that. He didn’t realize he’d form bonds with people and would hurt them. He also thanks Andrew for the correct pronunciation.

Julie wonders what Annie thinks about the Brigade having seen all the episodes. She says she’s sad to see Enzo sitting here, as he deserves to be inside; the Brigade maniuplated every single vote, and Enzo manipulated them all so well, that they didn’t even realize they were being manipulated. She says its all Enzo. It’s not just physical or all numbers. It’s not about winning competitions; it’s about numbers. If the girls had stuck together with Ragan, they would have had the same thing.

Britney is asked about Lane telling her he would have taken her to final two, but then saying he would have gone Brigade all the way. But now that the votes are locked in, Julie is going to play what he really said before, and Lane is saying he genuinely wated to take her to the final two in the DR. She feels great and is glad she stayed to what she finally felt inside. Enzo is asked how he feels that Lane would have turned his back on him. He says that’s why he won the PoV; he knew Lane was in deep. Operaton Donnie Brasco. Lane admits he lied to the jury now so that they wouldn’t hate him so much.


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