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Big Brother 12, Sept. 15 – Alliance Strategist Gets Goose Egg

Q6. Britney said the funniest moment this summer was A. When Kathy got stuck in the caramel or B. Rachel and Ragan’s fight. They both say A and are both wrong again. It’s a tiebreaker and they grab their chalkboards. The closest without going over wins the final HoH. In part one of the final HoH, how many times did Big Brother slam them into the walls during the competition? Hayden writes down 91 and Lane 55. The answer is 250, making Hayden the final HoH winner.

Hayden now has to choose who he is taking to the final two. Enzo gives his last plea speech saying it’s a tough decison and he loves them both as brothers and they had the greatest alliance ever. Whatever Hayden has to do he has to do. Lane tells Hayden he’s a great competitor and that was an awesome show right there in the last HoH . He loves them both and had a tremendous tme. No hard feelings no matter what he chooses.

Hayden stands to make his choice and says he loves them both, and they have been nothing but awesome. He’s been completely loyal to them both and thinks no matter what, they’ll all be friends for a long time. He evicts Enzo, which is definitely is smartest move. Hayden tells him he loves him on the way out, then he and Lane talk to each other about thinking they were going to evict each other.

Julie Chen asks Enzo if he is surprised to be evicted. Enzo tells her not at all. He had the best social game, perhaps the best ever, but his competitions were another grenade. He made the Brigade and the social alliance. He had a great speech for tonight’s finale, if he would have gotten there. He thinks beause he played a good social game is why Hayden chose not to take him, as he would have swayed the jury. Even though Hayden was right, it definitely stings, as he won no noney out of this thing. The comps weren’t his shining moment, and he wasn’t surprised he only won one, but they defintiely kicked his butt. It’s going to be hard for him to decide on a winner tonight, but he wants to hear what they all says and listen to every answer. He hasn’t made his mind up yet.

In Enzo’s goodbye messages, Lane tells him this sucks and he doesn’t know what Hayden was thinkng to evict him. If he’d have won, he knows he would have taken him to final 2. He’s going to miss him, and he’s a great firiend of his. They’ll have a lot of laughs outside the house. Hayden tells him he is the best soial player ever in Big Brother history and eveyrone loves him. He’s a huge threat if he’s sitting in final two and he heeds to do what is best to win the game. Enzo can’t wait to party tonight and is going to dirty dance with everyone. He thanks everyone, CBS, and his parents for making him.

The other six jury members take the stage and Britney says she wants to see anybody but Lane here joining them. Matt thinks Enzo just got evicted, but he doesn’t care, because it’s not him. Julie thinks he’s sounding a little bitter, and I’d say she’s right, and that he’s also sounding like an ass. Enzo walks out, and the others are told Hayden won the last HoH and sent him out.

The jury members each get to ask one prepared question of the final two, and Enzo gets to ask one as well. Rachel starts it off and asks Lane that with a jury that has won the majority of the competitions over the summer, how can they justify voting for him with the way he has performed. He thinks he played the game in all aspects, socially, comeptitively, making friends, and when he made it to the end he started winning comps, but in the beginning he didn’t do so well.

Hayden is asked by Brendon if the two of them were not in the final 2, which two non-Brigade winners would he like to see as final two. Hayden would say in terms of competitors, Brendon and Rachel are probably the best competitors there, and he loves Britney as well. The two best competitors in the house are Brendon and Britney so they would have been great.

Matt asks Lane if they stuation occured, would he have chosen Britney or a Brigade member as final two and why. Lane says it would depend on how it would turn out. Whatever would have benefited him at that pont. Julie notes he didn’t answer the question, and he reluctantly admits it would have been Brigade as he’s 100% loyal to them. Matt jokes, “Not really.”

Kathy asks Hayden if he thinks he played a better social game than the man sitting next to him and why. Hayden thinks they both had identical social games, and doesn’t know if he was better, but definitely wasn’t worse. What separated him was the competitions. Julie tells him that wasn’t part of the question. Britney asks Lane what was his most significat individual component to the Brigade. He says it was making them laugh and watching after them.

Ragan asks Hayden if he regrets anything he may have said behind the backs of any particular jury members and if so what. Hayden says there are always things you say in the DR you may regret later on, and he won’t say anythng specific, but they all say things in the heat of the moment, and everyone’s done it. It’s part of the game. But he can’t think of anything of he top of his head he can really regret. He played the game well, had a secret alliance, and feels for the most part like he played good and was true to himself, not bashing anyone too badly.

Enzo asks Lane if he was really gong to take him to the final two if he won the final HoH. Lane says he would think really hard about it , but thinks he would have had a better debate with the juryif he took Enzo, but he didn’t think he could win no matter who he was sitting next to, so he doesn’t really answer the question yet again.


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