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Big Brother 12, Sept. 15 – Alliance Strategist Gets Goose Egg

Brendon says four people don’t have control of the votes, but Ragan explains it was seven votes with the side alliances included. Britney tells them no matter what, they had no power this season, and you can say it’s luck or brilliant stragegy, but for the first time in Big Brother history, a secret alliance is making it to final three intact. Brendon jokes he thought it was four, and wonders what happened.

Kathy asks who started the alliance, as Enzo says it was him, but Matt says he did. To prove it was him, Matt says Enzo named him the Brains. They all started it together, but all the minutae and details were all his orchestration. Again, what is the point in him taking credit at this point for Enzo’s strategy? He admits the smartest thing they did was turn on him when they had a chance.

Matt wants to know from everyone who has a reason that Enzo should win, as he’s drawing a blank on it. Britney tells him you can’t argue with his social game, as eveyrone sitting there can say at one time or another they had a relationship with Enzo. Nobody took the initiative to get rid of him, as everone liked being around him. That’s why he’s final 3.

Ragan argues that rocking a fart in someone’s face may make people laugh and get you to the end, but it’s not going to get you half a million dollars. Brendon says he got along with everyone and was friendly and stayed off the radar as no one thought he was a competitior. Rachel agrees that it speaks volumes to her, as she had no social game. To see someone like that float through drives Brendon insane as a competitor, but she gives it to him to put himself in a position to never have to stress out the entire game.

Ragan thinks Hayden is hands down the strongest at competitions and thinks it’s important. Matt agrees, saying it’s a no-brainer. He blew the other two away. He charmed them with his flowing locks and glowing tan and all-American good looks. He made Matt feel confident in the Brigade when the whole time he was turning on him, and that’s a social game. As a fan of the game, he respects it.

Rachel disagrees, as she thinks he was maniuplated with eveyrone he formed alliances with and that they told him what to do. Kathy agrees with Matt, saying he did get his hands dirty. Hayden played Kristen and Kathy and won a bunch of stuff. She thinks he’s brilliant.

Strategically, Rachel thinks Lane played the best game. She doesn’t think anyone on the jury can say they’re legitimately pissed at anything Lane did. Ragan agrees that he was nice, didn’t lie, and didn’t play a dirty game to make it to final three, but it’s Big Brother, not Big Clergyman. Being a nice guy isn’t a move to give the big money to. He doesn’t think he did anything other than not talk bad about people.

Britney thinks Lane set himself up with the social game to make himself final three. He didn’t have to win challenge as he was comfortlable. That was strategic play. Manipulating her in decisions was strategic play. Rachel thinks if Lane has that much power over a very strong player that it says a lot to her. No one ever wanted him to go on the block. Britney thinks he’s smarter than they give him credit for.

Ragan sums it up saying he looks at the decision as a stool with three pegs. One is social game, the other is individual competitions, and the other is big strategic moves to get you to the end of the game. Rachel says this isn’t the year to ask for that, as everyone is going to give them BS answers. Brendon wants to talk about competitive play anyway, and he doesn’t feel the guys left played as competitors. He thinks the winner should be the one with the best social game. Matt wants to be careful to use simple words in talking to these three guys. Kathy just wants the truth. Britney can honestly say she has three genuine friends left in the house and thinks they’re all deserving of the money in the end. Ragan wants to see them squirm, as they’ve never had to squirm once.

Hayden and Lane are now set up in the living room for the usual third part of the final HoH where they find out how well they know the jury members. The one with the most right after six questions wins the final HoH.

Q1. Rachel said he favorite moment was A. Falling in love with Brendon or B. Every time she won a compeition. They both choose A and are both right. Q2. Kathy said the most shocking moment was when A Matt put her on the block with the Diamond Power of Veto or B. When Rachel returned for the 24 hours. They both say B and are both correct again. Q3. Matt said the fatal error he made was A. trusting the Brigade or B. Throwing his last competition. They both choose B and are both correct again.

Q4. Brendon said the moment he was afraid to have his friends and family see is A. When he went off on Ragan and Britney in the hammock or B. When he threw the bowling ball at Jeff and Jordon. They both say A and are correct. Q5. Ragan said the hosueguest he thinks most needs a reality check is A. Brendon for giving a waitress a half million tip or B. Rachel, as she’s as phony as her nasty hair extensions. They both say B and are both wrong.


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