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Big Brother 12, Sept. 15 – Alliance Strategist Gets Goose Egg

Either Hayden or Lane will win the final HoH on the season finale, and if all goes like the rest of the season, it should be Hayden, although Lane has shown that he was throwing a lot of competitions earlier and has really come on strong at the end. Enzo has been on the Live Feeds making convincing points to both of them to take him to the final 2, the most convincing one to Lane. There is no way Lane can beat Hayden in final two, but he has a chance against Enzo who played a great social game, but only won one power of veto. It’ll be interesting to see how these three friends eventually settle this.

Lane knows he has “two knuckleheads” in between him and 500 Gs , and if he wins the final HoH, he’s golden. He knows if he wins it, he has to pick the perfect person to sit next to him, but he’s not sure if that’s Hayden or Enzo. Enzo feels he’s screwed, thinking his fate lays in the other guys’ hands. Now he has to rely on them to take him to final 2, and he’s the one who created the Brigade that carried them all there. He’s the mastermind, and it looks like he made a hit on himself.

Early on, Hayden and Lane had agreed to go to final two together, but so much time has passed, Hayden doesn’t know if Lane will hold his end of the bargain. Lane is afraid he can’t beat Hayden if he takes him to final two. Britney told them if Enzo makes final two, he wins unanimously, and that’s what makes them all the more confused.

Enzo lays alone berating himself for rmaking the Brigade, yet now being in this position. He plans to now brainwash someone to take him to final two. He tells Hayden it sucks to be in this position and tells him there’s no way he can win, since he only won one PoV. Hayden brings up his social game, but Enzo fights back that he was last place with Kathy on the ropes and a few other competitions. Hayden is realistically looking at him knowing he might be the better one to take to final two.

Enzo tells Lane he thought this week would be fun, but he’s depressed. Lane says to him he can’ t beat either one of them. and Enzo shoots back he thinks either of htem lose against Hayden since he’s lost so many comps. Lane wants to take Hayden, because that’s where his heart is at, but his head is telling him to take Enzo, as he thinks he can beat him. Enzo tells him it’s the differnece between 500 and 50 Gs.

Julie Chen goes live to the final three inside the Big Brother 12 house. She asks Enzo whether it was worth leaving his wife and baby girl for the summer. He says if he doesn’t win any money, it definitely wasn’t worth it. He definitely missed them and knows they’re missing the Meow Meow. Hayden is asked if the game taught him anything about himself or life, and he states he feels now like he can do anything. He originally wanted to not be the first person out, and now he’s here at final three. It makes him feel like he can do anything. Lane is asked what he’ll miss most, and he answers a guy calling himself Meow Meow, and living in a house with amazing people and becoming best friends with a lot of them. Julie adds that’s two of them on the Meow Meow thing.

The jury house is waiting for their next houseguest while playing poker. Ragan had a bumpy first night because of the two emotional 2x4s, but after that it’s been better. He’s working on forgiving Matt. He does not want to see Britney walking in next, since he thinks the guys were working toether. Matt thinks the Brigade is going strong still and that they will indeed take Britney out.

It’s of course Britney walking in, and she has a Bra-Gade Alternate T-shirt on. She explains to them about the secret alliance. Rachel didn’t know the guys were smart enough to even know what alliance meant. They ask Matt then why he is here, and he says they turned on him. Britney explains everyone had a side alliance and points out to Matt that she knows she and Ragan were entirely disposable to him.

Ragan is very upset iwth Matt for not telling him about the Brigade. It’s just more to go along with the Stacey situation. He now realizes he was expendable to everyone that he worked with in the game. Ragan is assuming it was all Matt’s brainchild, and Britney says Enzo is calming it was his idea. Matt is upset about this, saying it was all his idea. And really, what’s the point in him lying about that now? We know it was Enzo’s idea.

Ragan notes the three remaining have never been on the block and worried they were ever going to leave. Rachel can’t believe they told Britney, and she explains they told her because they respected her as a competitior. Matt is happy the Brigade made final three, but he thnks if they had all made final four, they would have gotten trounced out of the game by him. He asks Britney if she’s the Saboteur, and she’s says no. She asks if he was and he says no.

Kathy speaks up, saying Matt lies about everything though. He explains his stragegy with Stacey and Britney tells him that’s horrible. She asks if he feels bad, and he claims he does. Britney knew he was a sneaky little snarky person that was conniving and would do anything for money, and now she knows that to be true. She was hoping to come to the house and find out Rachel was pregnant, which is just flat out an odd comment.

The jury get together to discuss the final three. Britney thinks every person evicted was a Brigade casualty, herself included. Rachel wonders if the reason the alliance worked was because they got lucky as they were all too busy taking each other out. The others disagree, but Rachel just doesn’t see the big strategic plan, since she won two HoH competitions. Britney explains you don’t have to be good at comps if you have the votes.


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