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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Series Premiere – Death By Chocolate

Top Three – Seth, Heather H, and Zac. And friggin Zac is crying. There’s no crying in Top Chef. Zac also compares making dessert to giving birth to a baby. Women around the world instantly try to inflict pain with their thoughts.

Elvis thinks Zac’s was well conceived, Dann thought there was a party in her mouth. Unsure if everyone was invited. Mr. Chocolate calls him out on the disco dust blow. Which I think happened at Studio 54 quite a bit back in the day. Elvis loved Heather’s aesthetic and Mr. Chocolate thought the crunch was a lovely surprise. Gail gives Seth props for making a cutting edge dish when he was safe with immunity, while Dann expresses my surprise with the curry for dessert, but she was sold after tasting.

Heather H takes the win – let’s just call her HH or Double H from now on. She really captures chocolate decadence.

Bottom Three – Danielle, Tania and Morgan.
Elvis points out the thick, impossible to cut texture. Mr. Chocolate explains how you should be able to cut it layer by layer, but hers exploded in the plate. Tania’s texture was just terrible. Gail liked the chocolate layer underneath, but the hummus texture overwhelmed it. Elvis thinks she had enough time to fix it, but failed. Gail found it to be timid. Morgan had a nice array of temperature and texture. Elvis didn’t care for the “cube of gelee” due to the flan separating. Dann felt something didn’t belong, the contrast on the dish was too much. Mr. Chocolate thought his lacked enough chocolate.

Tania is sent home, Gail tells her the “dessert didn’t measure up, please pack your tools and go.” Weak, Gail. Tania is in tears, but she thinks her husband will be proud.

Quickfire Hits
• Loved how the Top Chef caption writers think that “doggone” is “Dog gone.” Instead of a TV friendly curse, it is a statement related to the loss of a family pet.
• Morgan stated that when the cupcake challenge twist happened “everyone crapped their pants.” I could not help but think of this.
• Morgan quoted “Apollo 13” when his flan came out burnt – “Failure is not an option.” Stakes just slightly less this time. An aside, I was in that control room last month where they brought back Apollo 13. They had rotary phones and technology which astounds you that they were able to actually make toast, much less successfully bring three men back from a damaged space mission.
• Zac said he was doing a “play on a brownie sundae.” I think Play on a Brownie Sunday was one of Neil Simon’s best comedies in the sixties.
• Extra scene – Danielle teases Zac a bit, Zac completely overreacts. And my instant dislike of Zac grows.

This season – Cheerleaders, Circus, Land of Magic, some a**holes, anger, someone is going to take all of the butter, Hey Shaky, You Can All Suck It!!

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