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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Series Premiere – Death By Chocolate

ELIMINATION – They must make the most luxurious and decadent dish they can think of out of chocolate. And judging them will be Mr. Chocolate – Jacques Torres. Funny, I always thought this was Mr. Chocolate. You know, Pure Imagination. They have four hours to prep – I would imagine prep time in this series will be much more than in The Original for most challenges.

Elvis has co-opted Tom’s kitchen inspection time. He finds Seth’s choice of dish unpredictable, Tania’s texture choice seemed odd, Danielle is deconstructing hers. Tania’s is so bad it feels like hummus. I know when I think dessert, I think of Middle Eastern dips.

Morgan – Chocolate Fried Pie with Milk Chocolate Bourbon Flan. Dann really notices the bourbon, Mr. Chocolate points out the double layers.
Heather C – Bittersweet Chocolate Torte with a Mini Whoopie Pie Mr. Chocolate has had his first whoopie pie, Elvis gave it a “wow.”
Eric – Spiced Brownie with Ancho Chile, Ginger and Cinnamon. Elvis does not think that this is the most decadent dessert, as per the challenge instructions. It looks and sounds delicious, but too simple.
Heather H – Dark Chocolate Mousse Torte with Chocolate Grand Marnier Sauce. They love the plating and heap much praise upon it.
Zac – Chocolate Fondant “Brownie Sundae” Zac adds edible glitter to the dish. He explains that he can’t do anything without “disco dust.” The other chefs describe the glittery dish as “Zac on a plate.” I think his little chocolate blobs look like something completely different. The judges love the dish, but Mr. Chocolate is not happy that Zac applied the disco dust by blowing it onto the dessert.
Tania – Flourless Chocolate Torte with Earl Grey and White Chocolate Mousse. Simply put…they hated it.
Danielle – Chocolate Tart with Hazelnut Brittle and Banana. Dann is disappointed because it is hard to cut a piece to even take a bite. Mr. Chocolate found it interesting, but not great.
Seth – Madrias Curry and Chocolate Palette with Raspberry Gelee. Curry? Really? I barely tolerate curry in savory dishes, much less with chocolate and raspberry. He does get lots of credit for being bold and aggressive.
Yigit – Flourless Chocolate Genoise with Custardless Ice Cream. Mr. Chocolate found the ice cream to be rubbery. I must say this dish had a lot of “less” in it, and is the only one that didn’t involve curry that sounded gross.
Tim – Chocolate Cake with Ganache and White Chocolate Cream.
Malika – Bittersweet Chocolate Layer Cake with Braised Cherries and Nougatine. Elvis praises the chocolate-ness of this dish. Gail is pleased for her following the Quickfire debacle.
Erika – Chocolate Banana Caramel Crunch Bar. Dann describes it as “pow pow crunch.”