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Top Chef: DC – Finale Part 2 – Jersey Takes That Belt Home!

Kevin is the first African-American to win – a culinary Obama. Good for him – a well-earned championship. In this challenge, the best man truly won.

Quickfire Hits
• Tom – “I hear monkey is in season.” I would have LOVED if they presented them with monkey meat for the final challenge.
• Ed commented on how he wasn’t going to listen to Ilan too much, as past finalists listened too much to the sous chef (a la Carla and Casey). Meanwhile, he handed him an entire course to make. As Ilan annoyingly said, “whatevs.”
• Kevin on Hung, as Hung prepped someone else’s dishes by himself– “He didn’t know what he signed up for.”
• Mike – “I remember the old days, Kevin, when I used to fillet the fish and you had to take out the bones. Remember?” HA! It seems Kevin worked for Mike years ago.
• Angelo – “I want to sacrifice every part of me to be Top Chef.” Man, is everything out of his mouth something creepy and weird?
• Question about Angelo’s exotic fruits – what are exotic fruits to Singapore? Apples and strawberries?
• Mike – “Congrats on making the second best food on Top Chef.” Man, he wasn’t this funny last season!
• Angelo called being in Asia, being in the Finals and working with Hung “the Trilogy.” Probably still better than whatever George Lucas can write.

Next week is the reunion – get ready for more pea puree and the All-Stars announcement.

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