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Top Chef: DC – Finale Part 2 – Jersey Takes That Belt Home!

Fish Dish
Angelo – Sautéed Rouget and Poached Cuttlefish with Asian Style Bouillabaisse. Iggy thought it was tasty and nice aroma, and Paul felt it was the dish to remember. Angelo said it was nicely seared and added to broth. Gail liked the familiarity with the local ingredients. Ripert liked the twist to the dish.
Kevin – Pan Seared Rouget, Cuttlefish “Noodles,” Pork Belly, Cockles, Slipper Lobster and Cigala. Dana found it interesting and Willin said something which my notes seem to say “Near dream of previous item.” That can’t be right.
Ed – Stuffed Rouget, Glazed Slipper Lobster and Cuttlefish with Zucchini Pesto. Seetoh thinks it is complicated and needs a user manual, but had lots of effort.

Meat Dish
Angelo – Sautéed Duck Breast and Foie Gras with Marshmallow and Tart Cherry Shooter. Susan loved the salad and cinnamon flavor. Paul is baffled as to the need for the shooter. Padma said every corner of her mouth was coated by the shooter (and I have far too many thoughts in my head right now), Tom thinks the dish had too much instruction after Angelo explained how to properly drink the shooter.
Kevin – Roasted Duck Breast with Duck Dumpling, Caramelized Bok Choy, and Coriander Sauce. Paul thinks it was the best-cooked dish so far. Su-Lyn liked the contrast, Ripert liked the caramelized bok choy. Tom thought very well cooked. Kevin said he subbed pork for foie gras after Hung hoarded all of the supplies for Angelo.
Ed – Duck Two Ways – Roasted Duck Breast and Braised Stuffed Neck with Baby Spinach. Padma loved he flavors and the greens contrast with the smokiness. Andre loved the small details and the layers of flavors. Tom loved the neck, Gail liked the spinach flavor.

Angelo – Thai Jewel – Coconut Vanilla Cream and Crushed Ice with Exotic Fruits. Gail thought it was comforting, while Su-Lyn thought it was confusing because it was savory
Kevin – Frozen Singapore Sling 2010 with Tropical Fruits. Gail said there is more than meets the eye. Iggy thinks he just reinvented the national dessert. Gail went to where the Sling was invented, and she preferred Kevin’s. Ripert liked the hidden coconut surprise.
Ed – Sticky Toffee Date Pudding with Fleur de Sol Crème ChantillyPaul thinks Ed just flipped them all off with this dessert. Andre wanted a twist. Tom liked the salty crème, others did not. Gail thinks they all got down and dirty – because she is now the dessert expert on the show, of course. Gail said it felt like Ed, it is what it is. Tom says if it was a close competition it could make or break. Ed says what was he going to do – he could have make a lemon curd and screw it up. That made no sense.

At Judges Table, they said it was the best Finale food ever. Tom liked Angelo’s noodles, but Ripert thought it was pork belly and pasta – not veggies. Gail thought Kevin’s lacked spiciness, and Padma agreed it was timid. Gail thought Ed’s was great as it was New England-style, but used local ingredients.

Gail thinks Ed’s fish was confusing and had no focus. Tom said didn’t feature the fish as it was supposed to have done. Ripert liked Kevin’s preparation. Tom thought all in harmony – They all liked Angelo’s dish.
Angelo’s duck was bizarre and Tom thinks that somewhere in there was great dish, but why mix the meringue with the cinnamon. Tom said that Ed’s was overcooked, and Ripert admits that it was almost perfect. Ripert says that Kevin’s was the best cooked because he went sous vide.

They all felt that Angelo’s dessert was tasty. Ripert wanted more from Ed. Tom found Ed’s explanation strange – he didn’t make a better dessert because he was afraid to mess it up? Well, what if he messed up the duck? Gail felt that Kevin’s meal built slowly and subtly, but the dessert was a true fruit punch – it punched you with fruit, ( not the other way around.

Before they decide – I must say that if you doubted Kevin won, well, not sure what show you were watching. Kevin is totally thrown for a loop, when Padma said, “You are Top Chef,” Kevin responded, “I am?”