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Amazing Race 17 Preview – Hairstylists, Iron Men and Princeton

Team #9 – Nat and Kat – Friends, and annoying rhyming names
Interesting Team Facts – They are doctors. Presumably, they don’t have a waiting room full of patients wondering where the hell their doctors went for a month. They actually seem somewhat interesting, so I am willing to not hold the Nat/Kat thing against them.

NAT – She’s 31 and from Scottsdale, Arizona. She wants to cage dive with sharks, become a pilot, finish a triathlon (another Iron Man! Or Iron Woman, I guess), start a pain rehab center, write a book and learn Spanish. Perhaps that last one should have already begun before the race. She would switch with the Dalai Lama or Heidi Klum (first a Michael Kors reference, now Heidi!). That is also the first and only time Heidi and the Dalai Lama have been mentioned in the same sentence in the history of the English language. She wants to donate money for challenged athletes and to find a cure for Diabetes. She’s terrified of heights – I’m with you Dr. Nat.

KAT – She’s 35 and from Santa Monica. She likes cycling and eating. Hopefully not at the same time – that could get messy. Especially if it’s a meatball sub. She is most scared of getting sick while traveling. Wait a minute…she’s traveling with a doctor!!! Wait another minute, she IS a doctor!!!!! She would switch with Chelsea Handler – one would imagine not on the day of the VMA Awards. Avoid the crazy woman with the meat dress. She’s very sensitive and emotional – I sense tears on the Race. She will use the money to “make a dent” in her student loans. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the main reasons holding people back from med school.

Team #10 – Nick and Vicki – Boyfriend/Girlfriend, and more rhyming names!!!
Interesting Team Facts – We have our third hairstylist of the season, and our first bartender. All is right in the reality show world. What I find interesting is that my call for a Kris/Jon may be answered with this team. I read their bios twice – no sign of bickering.

NICK – He’s 26 and from Henderson, NV. He’s a big fan of motorcycles and would want to start a pit bull rescue, since they are a misunderstood animal. He likes who he is and won’t go along with the hypothetical switcheroo. He loves his family, dogs and Vicki – again, presumably not in that order. He wants to use the money to help his parents pay off debt. His biggest pet peeve of Vicki is her constant phone use – no worries about that on the Race!

VICKI – Also 26 and from Henderson, her biggest achievement is passing her state boards. For hairstyling? They have boards for that? She wants to sky dive over the Alps, and provide help for addiction organizations. She would switch with Ken Paves, the most talented hair designer. That may be awkward for Nick. She wants to accomplish by running the Race “self well being and gratification.” Let it be said here, that Vicki is using the Race for self gratification.

Team #11 – Ron and Tony – Best Friends
Interesting Team Facts – OK, this is just too much. Ron was cast in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on Broadway. Did they cast this show from a clique of Broadway actors, hairstylists and endurance athletes? Anyway, this team looks interesting, and is one of three all-male teams on the Race. As we all know, those teams are usually the favorites to win. However, Ron and Tony are on the other side of 40, as is the dad in the father/son team. That leaves Team Princeton. Makes this somewhat wide open, right?

RON – He’s 45 and from LA, and is the aforementioned actor. He’s afraid of being abroad during a terrorist attack. I work in DC and am from NY – try dealing with it every day, Ron. He’s a God person, so I am worried. But he says people would be surprised by that, so maybe he’s not going to preach on my TV. I’m trying to root for you Ron, don’t let me down. He says that Tony is always on the phone.

TONY – The 42-year-old doctoral student from Arizona thinks that Ron is always on the phone. Maybe they keep calling each other at the same time and get busy signals? He’s a 40+ student, so clearly he’s shifting gears in mid-life. He wants to become a professor, and eventually read “War and Peace.” He would like to switch with President Obama – and I think the President would take that switch, if only to get a nice nap. He’s a country music fan – so it’s a shame he couldn’t race against Mika two seasons ago.

Speaking of Mika – I was in the Bahamas last month and went to the water slide that was her undoing. Wow. You are told to remove all headgear and glasses (bad thing for me – I had to put mine in my pocket), and lie down with arms and legs crossed. You go into a tube that you cannot see past the first turn. After a brief second, the bottom falls out and you plummet. I actually felt my body lift off the ground and then hit slide a moment later. Then suddenly you are underwater. I assume I went through the shark tank but my eyes were shut – and I was without my glasses, which fell out of my pocket and thankfully landed next to me.

Anyway – fearless predictions for the season:












Amazing Race starts in a week and a half – as always, if you know what’s good for you, I’d avoid calling me during that show.

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