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Amazing Race 17 Preview – Hairstylists, Iron Men and Princeton

TEAM #4 – Connor and Jonathan – Best Friends
Interesting Team Facts – The Princeton students are best friends from Princeton, who are a cappella singers in Princeton, and if you didn’t Princeton, know it, Princeton, you’d think they were, Princeton, Andy Bernard but from Princeton.


If you didn’t guess, they like to talk about Princeton. However, they are not telling their fellow Racers they are from Princeton. They are using an anagram of the letters, adding an extra challenge to other Racers who could really give a rat’s ass what school they go to.

CONNOR – From Ohio, he’s a big fan of all of his Princeton activities, and would most want to switch places with Shirley Tilghman. Who is that? Aren’t you paying attention – she’s the president of…wait for it…PRINCETON! His role model is Barack Obama and is most passionate about show tunes. His goal is to win and fill a pool with dollar bills and jump in. This sounds like the worst Playboy profile ever. He thinks people would be surprised to learn (a CBS posed question) that dalmations are born without spots.

JONATHAN – Originally from New Jersey (hey, that’s where Princeton is!), he wants to be a filmmaker. His three favorite achievements so far – getting into Princeton (natch), being cast in a Broadway show (really? Interesting) and opening a tough jar of pickles. His lifelong “to do” list is to make a lifelong “to do” list. He would most want to switch places with Yanni and is most passionate about tweezing his unibrow. His pet peeve about Connor is that he’s taller.

Seriously, this team could be full of lame comedy as Gary and Dave from Race 2, as bad a team of Racers as Dandrew in Season 14, or perhaps the most awesome team since Cha Cha Cha. I’m not ready to pass judgment. Princeton.

TEAM #5 – Gary and Mallory – Father/Daughter

Interesting Team Facts – Mallory is yet another beauty pageant girl – as she won Miss Kentucky 2009 and was 4th runner-up in Miss America. This team seems all about public service, and I am hoping it doesn’t turn into a preaching kind of service.

GARY – He’s 53 and is an entrepreneur. The last guy on the Race to use that job title was Jonathan from Race 6. And we all know how that turned out. However, he seems like the anti-Jonathan, as he would use the winnings to help as many people as possible. He was a college wrestling coach whose goals are to be a better husband, father and friend. He completed a half-Ironman triathlon after he turned 45. Maybe he can teach Chad.

MALLORY – The 24-year-old probably doesn’t get the reference that goes through my head every time I see her name. She wants to perform on Broadway – she should talk to Jonathan. Seriously, the connections between these Racers makes me think the show was cast by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Boy, I miss Lost. Her hero is Dad, and she would switch with Phil since he gets to Race every season. She wants to donate to Miss America, Miss Kentucky and Autism Awareness (hopefully not in that order).

TEAM #6 – Jill and Thomas – Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Interesting Team Facts – Just like the previous romantic couple, they talk a bit too much about communication as a big issue. Why can’t we get another Kris/Jon who actually seem to like each other and know how to talk like adults?

JILL – She’s 27 and from Marina del Rey, CA and is another hair stylist. She wants to have an “Eat, Pray, Love” experience. Which I guess would mean having Thomas leave her to prompt the international journey depicted in the book and film. I love her goals with the money – family on vacation, buy a car, buy handbags, and invest. Seems like a logical priority ranking. She’s proud of some secret hard labor she did with her dad – I wonder if that will come out in the challenges.
THOMAS – He’s 30 and surprisingly, also from Marina del Rey. Well, maybe not surprising. He graduated from Notre Dame (RUDY! RUDY!– just like President Jed Bartlett. He would switch with Phil Mickelson so he could choke in numerous clutch moments…er…I mean so he can make a gazillion bucks playing a game. He’s passionate about God. Uh oh. Let me reiterate, I have no problems with people passionate about God – I am not one of them – but hey, to each their own. I have a problem with people who are passionate about God talking about it on my television and telling me that my passionate about not-God beliefs are wrong. Leave me be, and I’ll let you be. And when I get Left Behind, I’m taking your stuff.

Team #7 – Katie and Rachel – Beach Volleyball Players.
Interesting Team Facts – Other than that their work uniform is a tiny bikini? That’s all I need to go on. Although I still wonder how the male beach volleyballers got away with being able to wear baggy swim trunks.
KATIE – She’s a 23-year-old Jersey Girl (cue Springsteen)whose hobbies and achievements are, not surprisingly, all about volleyball. She isn’t afraid of anything involving travel, although that baby on the flight I took from Helsinki to New York five years ago. She would switch places with Bella Swan – thus becoming a fictional character beloved by tween girls and their moms. Her brother plays with the Seattle Sounders – a professional soccer team. She would buy a beach house on the Jersey Shore – except that reality show has already been cast. She loves musicals. Come on, show!
RACHEL – Another Jersey Girl, she most fears being kidnapped or being in a plane crash. She would want to switch places with Katie – which is a bit too Single White Female for my tastes. She would use the money to pay debts, buy a place and buy Michael Kors merchandise. She sleeps with a stuffed hippo named Winston and she doesn’t like tomato sauce. Her pet peeve about Katie is her punctuality and inability to properly answer texts and emails. And she wants to be Katie?

Team #8 – Michael and Kevin – Father/Son
Interesting Team Facts – They are from Sugar Land, Texas – not country superstars Sugarland, of course. And they will try to avoid the pitfalls of the past father/son teams to race. Not many have done well at all. Judging by their bios, I like this team quite a bit.
MICHAEL – Dad is 58 and is a software consultant. He likes reading and going to the park – not great qualities for an intense worldwide race, but still. He’s a Tai-Chi student who enjoys making people smile. He says he is not really comfortable in competitive situations. Uh oh. He knows this is not The Amazing Read, right? He thinks Kevin uses foul language too much.
KEVIN – He’s an Internet Entertainer, who has one million YouTube subscribers to his comedy under the name KevJumba. He’s the youngest Racer ever outside of the Family Edition. He’s a big fan of his dad and is passionate about food.