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Big Brother 12 – A Strategic Overview of Week Nine

And then there were three… This week, when Hayden won HOH, he decided to put Lane and Britney on the block, even though winning the POV is what really mattered. The winner of the POV gets to decide whom to vote out, unless it’s the HOH, in which case he decides who casts the sole vote to evict. Lane didn’t need POV to stay in the game because both Britney and Enzo would vote to keep him. Enzo and Britney were the only ones in real danger. If Enzo or Hayden win, Britney is evicted. If Lane or Britney wins, Enzo is evicted. It clearly was the most important POV of the season, and when Hayden won the POV he sealed Britney’s fate as she was evicted 1-0, making her the sixth member of the jury.

What was Britney’s downfall? Who has the best chance to win? And, as always, where do the players stand strategically?

Britney – 4th place
Britney’s mistake came a few weeks ago when she decided not to listen to Ragan and backdoor Matt. Ragan tried to tell her several times that there was a secret alliance in the house, but she wouldn’t believe it. Ironically, her obliviousness it what got her this far, however, it is also the reason she is fourth and not first.

Enzo (aka Meow Meow)
He is still my pick to win. Even though he’s not playing in the final HOH, I think he has the best chance to win the game. All Enzo needs to do is convince both players to take him to the end. It actually shouldn’t be too hard considering how poorly he has performed in challenges. However, it’s his strong social game that could be his secret weapon to winning the game.

Hayden’s only chance is to win the final HOH because I don’t envision Lane taking him to the final two based on his performance in competitions. Hayden needs to win the final HOH and take Lane for his best chance of winning the game.

Lane is the longest shot to win, but the most likely to get second. I don’t think the jury will vote for him because he hasn’t done enough to be worthy of winning the game. His best move was joining the Brigade alliance. Enzo formed the Brigade alliance and Hayden won the most competitions. Lane just doesn’t stand out as much.

Question of the Week
Is it just me or does the jury house seem way more interesting than the Big Brother house? That should be a show by itself.

I’ll be back next week with some more strategic musings.

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