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Project Runway, Sept. 9 – It Takes Two

The judges then send the bottom three backstage to sweat, while they start with April, who tells them about her “dark inspiration.” The judges call her look a “tough punk baby doll” and decree that it isn’t vulgar. I’ll go with the tough punk baby doll part, but a black outfit’s not my idea of resort wear. The judges also praise her for making shorts that fit. Nina especially likes it.

Andy tells the judges that he wanted something versatile, that could be worn to the pool or to a shop or a restaurant. He also shows class when he praises his teammate Valerie for her sewing skills. Nina calls his look “spot-on” and adds that it looks expensive. Kristen notes that it seems easy to wear.

Michael D. also praises Ivy for her hard work in tailoring his design. Nina comments that his look could work for women of many ages. Backstage, the waiting designers agree that Casanova and Ivy are probably the most at risk. I tend to think they’re right, as they’ve both been in the bottom several times, while Mondo hasn’t.

Speaking of the bottom-dwellers, the judges start with Mondo. Nina thinks his outfit looks “junior” and cheap. In other words, I’m not the only one who thinks it looks like something for a pre-teen. Mondo also takes the classy route by praising Michael C.’s professionalism.

Ivy wanted to make something reminiscent of the ocean, which is why she’d chosen what she considered “sea-foam green.” I consider it yet another boring pastel. Michael K. calls the look a “yawn,” and Ivy waxes defensive, pleading that she had to “dumb down” the construction because of Michael D.’s lack of sewing skills. Michael D. meekly admits he had trouble with the material, but Heidi scolds Ivy for throwing her teammate under a certain large vehicle.

Casanova tells the judges he was inspired by his grandmother and the judges snarkily tell him that they can see the inspiration. Michael K. tells him that the outfit looks like something for a 70-year-old to wear to the mall. Nina calls the look “mumsy.”

The judges send the contestants backstage so they can have their chat. They agree that Andy made a lovely bathing suit and wrap. Michael D.’s look is clean and polished. April’s outfit is punk, playful, and wearable.

As for the designers they didn’t like, Mondo’s look is both childish and unsexy. Ivy’s look is so bland that the judges wonder if she’s just a glorified seamstress, as opposed to a real designer. Casanova’s outfit has nothing cool or modern about it.

The judges call everybody back in to announce their decision. Michael D. is in. He tells us he’s relieved he didn’t win this time, as Ivy would then become impossible. He also assures us he won’t retaliate. The judges praise both April and Andy for their works, before announcing that April is the winner. (I’d have picked Andy myself, as his outfit is what I think of when I think “high-end resort wear.”) April is so stunned, that she at first doesn’t believe that she won, and it takes a few minutes for that fact to sink in. When it does, she’s ecstatic.

Andy, of course, is in. So is Mondo, leaving Ivy and Casanova in the bottom two. The judges tell Ivy that they heard a lot of blame and excuses from her– but she’s the one responsible for both her own poor fabric choices and the “dumbing down” of her own design. Casanova had simply made something matronly and unsexy. Ivy is in– by a hair. The judges warn her that she needs to step it up, if she wants to stay. Casanova, however, has used up all of his chances, and is out.

Next week: The gang make something inspired by Jackie Kennedy.

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