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Project Runway, Sept. 9 – It Takes Two

Tim comes in to make his rounds, and he’s brought Michael Kors with him. They start with Gretchen and Casanova, who are using a lot of neutrals, and advise them not to make things look too old. They tell Mondo, who is using a lot of bright colors, to be careful and advise Michael C. to keep his look simple. They praise the latter’s choice of fabric.

Michael K. suggests that April make a brief or tailored boy’s short for her piece. They like how Christopher is draping his fabric. Ivy is making a circle skirt and Michael K. doesn’t think it looks like something for a resort. Michael K. advises Michael D. to make his look sexier.

Michael K. warns Andy to watch his time and blasts Valerie for her color choices, telling her that she always picks the wrong ones. After Tim and Michael K. leave, the models come in for their fittings.

Valerie, hurt by Michael K.’s criticism of her taste in colors, calls her mother. She tells us about all the sacrifices she’s made to get to Fashion Week, and how she needs to get there.

On the day of the runway, the designers get back to work. Ivy worries about Michael D.’s ability to finish her look. She also drives him nuts by literally standing over him – as if that will make him sew any faster.

Tim sends in the models for their final fittings and preparations. People ask the hair and make-up department for beach and vacation looks.

Then it’s off to the runway, where we learn this week’s guest judge is Kristen Bell, the actress. The show starts and we’re told who designed and tailored what. The first piece, for example, was designed by Michael C. and sewn by Mondo. It’s a green and gold print jumpsuit with a halter-top and big, billowing pants.

The next piece was designed by Mondo and sewn by Michael C. It’s a blue and white bikini with red trim. The cover-up is a small green and white print jacket with a matching visor. It’s cute, but it also makes the model look like an overgrown twelve-year-old.

Next up are Michael D. and Ivy. Michael D.’s design is a long, sleeveless black gown with asymmetrical cut-outs in the front and the back. Ivy’s design is a shapeless off-white skirt topped by an equally shapeless grey-green tunic.

Christopher and April are next. Christopher designed a pair of snug khaki shorts and a draped, one-shoulder black print top. April’s design is just barely decent. It consists of a short sheer skirt, with a top that just barely covers the model’s chest. Underneath are black shorts. You’d have to be twenty and shameless to wear this.

Casanova and Gretchen apparently both ignored Tim’s advice about not making things that look too old. Casanova made khaki pants and a cream top with no shoulder and long sleeves. It looks nice, but it also looks like something a fit fifty-something might like, and I don’t think that’s the target market. Gretchen made a jumpsuit consisting of a halter top and billowing pants. The outfit has a outer layer consisting of sheer beige fabric and an inner layer made of maroon fabric.

Valerie and Andy are the last team. Valerie designed some patterned shorts and a khaki top. Andy made what looks like a lilac gown with purple trim. The long skirt shades from lilac at the top to a deep purple at the bottom. When the model takes the skirt off, she reveals the top is actually part of a very nice one-piece bathing suit, and the skirt is simply a cover-up.

Heidi calls Andy, Casanova, Mondo, April, Ivy, and Michael D. She congratulates the other four designers for making it to the next round. They are safe this time. The ones she did call have the highest and lowest scores between them. Of these, Andy, April, and Michael D. are the high scorers, while Casanova, Ivy, and Mondo are in the bottom.