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Project Runway, Sept. 9 – It Takes Two

Last week on Project Runway, the designers had to convert some truly hideous bridesmaid’s dresses into fashionable frocks. Michael C. won, to his peers’ consternation and displeasure, while Peach was sent home.

The next morning, April misses Peach. She’s also dreading moving in with Valerie, Gretchen, and Ivy, the remaining other women.

Michael C. notes that nobody had congratulated him on his win. Andy tells us he still thinks Michael C. is the weakest designer there. Apparently, Andy doesn’t think Michael C.’s two wins mean anything.

Ivy points out there are only four women left. To her and Gretchen’s credit, they are nice to April when she moves in to their apartment. The women dub themselves the “Fantastic Four” and hope to get further than the guys. (Gretchen and Valerie might pull that off, but I’m not so sure about the other two.)

On the runway, Heidi Klum tells everybody to relax. She will be sending them to have brunch with Tim Gunn and a “special guest.” When the designers arrive at a marina, they find that the “special guest” is Michael Kors. He issues this week’s challenge: make fashionable resort wear. To get them in the proper frame of mind, he takes them on a boat ride around Manhattan in what is presumably his yacht.

The designers will have thirty minutes to sketch and one whole day to complete the challenge. While the contestants are enjoying their brunch, Michael K. gives them sunglasses from his line. After that, it’s time for their thirty minutes of sketching. Andy decides to make a luxury swimsuit and cover-up. April is extremely worried about this challenge because of her disastrous attempt to make resort wear during the hat challenge a few weeks ago. Mondo is also nervous, simply because he’s never been to a high-end resort and thus has no clue what fashionable resort wear might be like.

After they’ve finished sketching and have disembarked, the designers go to Mood, where they will spend thirty minutes and $150. Mondo tells us he will make a bikini.

Back at the workroom, the designers prepare to get started on their resort wear. Tim comes in holding a velvet bag. The contestants all moan and groan when they see this, as they know that Tim plus bag equals trouble for them. They’re right to worry, as it turns out that Tim, Heidi, and Michael K. had all neglected to them that this challenge is going to be a team challenge. Each designer will, as Tim puts it, “wear two hats.” They will be both a designer and a sample maker, with the latter being a tailor who makes clothes somebody else designed. In the real world, Tim explains, no designer makes all their own outfits; they have sample makers do the scut work for them.

For this challenge, Tim explains, each designer will be making their teammate’s design. Each contestant will have to guide their teammate in how they want their design to look. Communication, obviously, is going to be crucial. (I’m calling it right now: Casanova is going to be in trouble, given his shaky grasp of English.)

Tim draws names from his bag and announces the teams. Valerie and Andy are happy to be working together, but Mondo is not at all pleased to be paired with Michael C. April and Christopher are pleased to be working together, as are Casanova and Gretchen. That leaves Ivy and Michael D.

Christopher likes working with April, while Michael C. is flabbergasted to find that Mondo apparently doesn’t believe in sketching; he just makes copious notes. His first order of business, therefore, is to make very certain that he understands said notes. Gretchen, meantime, finds Casanova hard to work with because of the language barrier. She likes him, but she wishes he had a better grasp of the English language.

Michael C. gets annoyed when people think he can’t sew. Happily, after working with him for a bit, Mondo comes to the conclusion that Michael C. really does know what he’s doing after all – and realizes that he’s been a jerk. He therefore apologizes for his earlier behavior.