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Big Brother 12, Sept. 9 – When a Good Social Game Doesn't Pay Off

The jury house is awaiting their next arrival, and Matt has a hunch it will be Hayden. Kathy says it’s been kind of quiet here, and she has secluded herself from Matt, as she doesn’t feel any different about him than how she felt when he first told her about his wife. When Rachel suggests they’re taking out competitors in the house, Kathy figures it’ll be Ragan walking in next. Matt doesn’t want to see Ragan walk in, as he thinks he deserves to win the money. Additionally, if he has to tell him about his lie about his wife, it could dampen their friendship.

Ragan walks in and gets hugs from everyone, even Rachel. She calls it sweet revenge to see him there as she thinks he’s a bully. She’s waiting for him to push her buttons, as she won’t be walking on eggshelss. He pops in the DVD and Matt jokes it’s Ragan’s catered PoV comp as it’s Broadway and a guy with a bowtie. They laugh at him throwing the DVD when it hits Enzo in the head, but it wasn’t so funny when Brendon did that a few weeks before.

When Matt pulls Ragan outside to talk to him, Matt asks if it’s going to be a kissing competition. Matt knows he needs to drop the bomb on him about the lie. He tells Ragan that his wife couldn’t be more happy and healthy and adds, “Sorry.” Ragan tells him it’s pretty hardcore, then says he has nothing to say. He calls this lie catastrophic in its proportions. He feels a boundary was crossed and feels numb like he’s been kicked in the gut, or like when Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown.

The others go join Ragan and Matt outside and Brendon tells Ragan it was hard for him to hear about the lie as well, as he’s planning on going into the medical field to fight cancer, so doesn’t understand how he could lie about it. Ragan knows he needs to come clean about his lie, and they joke maybe he isn’t really gay. He laughs it off and says his lie isn’t anywhere near the significance of Matt’s lie. He announces he has a PhD and is actually a professor of communication.

Rachel asks Ragan if he thinks being a professor of communication helped him in the game, and he replies it’s not a game about gook smarts, but about how you interact with people. I’m guessing he’s saying it did help him. Rachel asks if she had a bad social game, and he says yes, because she wears her heart on her sleeve, which isn’t okay in Big Brother. He thinks he and she were the two most emotional players in the game.

Rachel asks about Ragan not accepting her apology, and he explains he was mad at her for her behavior, and he doesn’t say it from a hateful place, but a place of honesty. She was at the heart of every single argument, and since she left, no one has even raised their voice to one another. She of course argues about it, and he tells her they don’t share a common reality. They restart their yelling, and he finally winds it up saying the problem is with everyone else, not her and it’s magic. When she left the house people stopped arguing. She points out there hasn’t been a fight there until he arrived. He facetiously admits she’s right, and she storms off calling him a queen and telling him to grab his tiara as she’s done with him.

It’s back to the live show for part two of the final HoH. Ah-ha, there’s the facial morphing competition. Lane is up first. There are five photos of two houseguests who have been Frankensteined together into one photograph. He has to figure out who is in all five photos, then buzz in. The winner is the one who identifies the most pairs. If it’s a tie, it will be the one who completes it faster.

Lane isn’t exactly quick on his feet when it comes to these types of challenges, especially judging on the last PoV, so it could be interesting. He makes quick work of this anyway, finishing in 1:13 minutes and gets them all right. It’s Enzo’s turn, and he struggles figuring out who the faces are. He gets them all right, but it takes him thirty seconds longer.

Julie announces the results and tells them they both correctly identified all five photos, and coming down to the clock, the win goes to Lane. Lane says he feels sweaty, numb, and can’t walk. Lane and Hayden will now face off against each other on finale night. Enzo calls it tough, saying he tried everything for his wife and family, but a minute and thirteen was unbelievable.

Enzo just has to keep playing the same social game he’s been playing. He has to now make Hayden and Lane feel just as comfortable with him as he’s done with the whole house all season long. That’s his only shot at going. He can also try to convince them he’s a good person to bring along, as everyone knows he sucked at challenges. Especially if he’s trying to convince Lane, he should tell him Hayden has won too many competitions and will win because of that. He just might make it. Yet don’t be surprised if he ends up being the last member of the jury.

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