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Big Brother 12, Sept. 9 – When a Good Social Game Doesn't Pay Off

I try not to bring information from the Live Feeds into the recaps here of the CBS-aired shows, but this is too funny. From the live feeds, Enzo and Hayden are insistent that tonight is finale night. Lane thought so at first for awhile, then changed his mind. Even though production has told the guys tonight is not the finale, Hayden and Enzo refuse to believe it. They have spent last night and today talking about if their families are in town yet, with Enzo even going to the point of wondering whether his wife has his daughter’s car seat. I only bring it up, as it could make tonight’s live show really interesting.

When we left off last night, we were in the middle of the first part of the three-part Head of Household competition. Hayden announces now the Brigade is dead, as it’s every man for himself. He’ll do what he needs to to get it done. Enzo knows he has to win this last HoH, as he doesn’t think the other two will take him to the end, as they see him as too popular. Lane explains he and Britney were going to take each other to final two, but now he’s on his own with her gone, and he can’t trust either of the other two to take him to the end.

Enzo points out Britney wouldn’t have done well in this endurance competition. Lane hated seeing her leave, as she was funny and quirky and he loved hanging out with her. It was like a family member walking out the doors. Enzo does’t think you could have written a better script, though, for how it’s all turned out with the three of them here battling it out.

As the three continue to bang into the walls, Enzo thinks they’re like rag dolls swinging around, saying you feel it almost every time. Hayden thinks it’s kind of fun and feels like he’s playing football again making a hit. But after awhile, it was like a car wreck without the car. Once it starts pouring on them, Hayden says it was already cold, now it’s like an ice bath. For Enzo it’s getting worse as it’s getting hard to hold onto the wet rope.

Part of Enzo’s strategy is to hit the wall with his feet to keep his body tight on the rope. The little wooden seat has his left leg numb and his “boys downstairs” squashed. He’d like to give the designer of the seat a nice Jersey beatdown. Lane compares it to a Texas barfight with people throwing alcohol and water on you, where you wake up in the morning and even your testicles hurt. Enzo keeps thinking about his family to not think of the pain. Hayden’s getting worried about his knee.

Enzo falls off at 19 minutes and 14 seconds after they started. He’s disappointed, as he had a chance to prove himself, but he hit the wall harder than he expected. He knows he has to win the next two competitions, as the others won’t take him to the final two no matter what. Hayden notes later that Enzo has no intestinal fortitude and needs to show some guts and hang on. Hayden doesn’t think there is any way the other two will take him to final two, as he’s been winning all the comps, so they know the jury will vote for him. Well, doesn’t Lane have to take someone if he wins? Lane isn’t interested in any deal and no stragegy and it’s every man for himself at this point.

Meanwhile, Enzo is inside making soup and pizza while everyone else is cold and wet and in pain. Enzo brings his meal outside, and Lane asks what guy brings hot food out there in front of two guys banging into walls hanging on a rope. If he could move his lower half, he’d crawl to him and slap him.

At an hour and 58 minutes, Hayden feels like he could fall any minute, but knows Lane is struggling. Lane tells him he ripped his whole ass., saying his legs are numb and he’s cold, but pain is a mental thing, and he played football, so knows how to deal with it. They’re men, he explains. Lane ends up falling at 2 hours and 35 minutes. Lane says him losing is no different than Enzo dropping after 19 minutes. Hayden has won part one. Lane just knows he has to rest and study and get ready for the next round.

Julie Chen talks to the final three live tonight, and asks Enzo how they pulled off the alliance and made it this far. He has no idea and doesn’t even know why he’s there. He guesses it’s his personality and knows he’s lucky to be there. Lane is asked how hard it was to keep the alliance a secret. He explains it was really hard, as he wanted to tell people out of his excitement. He felt like he was really playing the game, but doesn’t think the others thought he was playing at all. Hayden is asked how the others will act to this news with Britney in the jury house, and he thinks the jury will now hate them.

Julie tells all three of them are headed to the finale next Wednesday, which produces laughter, of course, as this isn’t the end. Julie explains how it will work. Lane and Enzo will compete in part two tonight, and the winner will face off against Hayden live on Wednesday night. The winner of that will become the final HoH and will decide which of the other two to evict, and which one to take with him.

We get to go to Bayonne, New Jersey, to Enzo’s home and meet “Wifey,” better known as Joella. She calls it’s interesting to be married to him, as in any setting, he’s always the life of the party. She always complained that before him, she didn’t have laugh lines, but if that’s the worst thing you can get from your husband, that’s a good marriage. He always refers to himself as Mr. Mom in regards to their daughter, Gia, even though he works two full time jobs, as every time he’s at home, he’s with her.

Enzo’s mom calls him the joy of the house. Even though he wasn’t an A+ student, he was a very happy kid. He makes a joke out of everything and expects you to laugh every time. Joella thought he made an adorable penguin, so went out and bought Gia a little stuffed penguin. She thinks he’s been undestimated here and thinks creating the Brigade was a great move. He’s so good with his social game, that she doesn’t think the others have even realized he’s been manipulating them.


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