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Top Chef: DC – Finale Part 1 – The Meal That Made Everyone Smile

Judges Table – Tom informs them that this was the best menu of the season. Shame someone has to go.

Angelo – He never made a tartar from lamb before. He wanted to challenge himself. Seetoh thought it was smooth like tuna. They praise the prawn flavors as intense, brave and bold. Tom does say the soup had too much body, more of a sauce. Padma found it salty, and Gail said it was too intense and she would be unable to eat a whole bowl of it.

Kelly – Seetoh says the yogurt exploded in his mouth. Tom says the fish was a bit rough in texture. Gail wanted more heat with the prawn – and Kelly admits to toning it down as she usually goes too spicy. Seetoh is stealing her salad recipe. Tom thinks her shrimp was good, but not great. Gail was blown away by the salad. Tom wanted it infused into the dish.

Ed – Gail called his pork dish, “holy Asian Extravaganza.” The Batman remained unspoken. Tom raves about the flavors. Seetoh suggests putting the cake in the deep fryer to make it even better. Tom tells Ed that he needs a truck and he could sell the fritters in the East Village to stoners. HA!! All I ever needed was a cold can of beans. I wish I was making that up. Gail pulls a Joey Tribbiani fake out and tells him the worst part was that she wanted six but got two. Tom says Ed did not take the easy way out and came to win it. Gail found his personality in the dishes.

Kevin – gets praise for his chowder even though Seetoh thinks it needed heat. Tom complements him about the risky egg, which paid off for him. Seetoh suggested a crunchy texture. Gail thinks the porridge was dreamy and Padma called it beautiful.

It was there I knew my girl Kelly was done. And clearly based on the praise for the fritters we knew Ed would take the win. Dude is on a roll. Angelo became a blubbering mess as Kelly got knifed. Although based on the clips for next week, perhaps it was something else.

Quickfire Hits
• Ed exclaimed “Downtown Julie Brown” in the kitchen. Kind of amusing.
• Angelo intricate drawing of his dish is both in character as being impressive and highly annoying.
• They were using an abacus in the market. A friggin abacus. They also knew it was lunchtime thanks to their handy sundial.
• Kelly was in tears at the end, but thanked the judges for making her a better chef.
• Best Ed line of the night – “I’m extremely sarcastic, and oftentimes some people think I’m a douchebag. With Angelo, half the time, I’m just being a douchebag.”
• Best Angelo line of the year – He called one of the waiter tickets “scribbly-doo.” The lesser-known dog in the Doo family.
• Extra scene – prawn fishing. Run away, Pepe!!! Best part – Kelly has to bait Kevin’s worm and then reel in his prawn.
Ed, Kevin and Angelo get called into the Judges Room again as the episode ends.

Not much drama as the clips for next week implies that is only to pair them with a past winner – Ilan, Hung or Mike Voltaggio. Hung seems to be paired with Angelo as we get several shots of him with a sick Angelo…and speaking of shots…drop trou, Angelo!

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