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Top Chef: DC – Finale Part 1 – The Meal That Made Everyone Smile

Kelly – Chilled Cucumber Yogurt Soup, Bitter Melon Salad. Dana finds a lot of acid. Gail loves it. Padma likes the Southeast Asian flair. Seetoh likes the concept.

Kevin – Clam Chowder with flavors of Southeast Asia. Dana finds it delicious. Tom liked the clean flavors. Seetoh enjoyed the hot cockles.

Angelo – Spicy Shrimp Broth with Ginger and Prawn Dumplings. Dana thinks it is comforting and yummy and still complex. Padma found a rare refinement to this dish. Seetoh liked the prawn flavor.

Angelo – Lamb Tartar with Rambutan Ceviche and Curry Oil. Dana said he pulled it off, even though she is not a fan of tartar.

Ed – Sweet and Sour Pork with Crispy Rice and Potato Cakes and Gai Lan. Tom thinks it is very good, and reminded him of the market flavors, but refined. Gail liked the balance between the cake and sausage. Dana would be happy with a bottomless bowl of the dish.

Kevin – 63 degree Farm Egg, Pearl Tapioca, Radish Condiment. Padma says the egg is beautiful, and very difficult. Gail says the porridge is well made and refined and different.

Kelly – Seared Prawns, Spicy Red Coconut Curry, Crispy Prawn Heads with Guava Apple Salad. Seetoh liked it, Tom enjoyed the flavors and Gail felt it was a bit out of place. Uh oh. Seetoh loved the salad.

Ed – Banana Fritters with Red Chile Paste. The judges go nuts. Padma lights up with glee. Tom is smiling. Dana actually says, “Oh My God, so good!” Gail wanted a mound of it, Seetoh would like to put some ice cream on top.
Dana gives a nice toast as she praises the meal for bringing a smile to everyone.