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Top Chef: DC – Finale Part 1 – The Meal That Made Everyone Smile

Angelo – Chili Frog Legs with Pineapple and Rambutan Salsa and a side of Sea Urchin to cleanse the palate. Seetoh wonders if the shrimp is the only “salting agent.” Isn’t that Angelina Jolie?

Kelly – Chinese Noodles with Lobster, Cockles, Bean Sprouts and Chinese Broccoli. Her noodles seem to be injected with flavor. Not entirely sure what that means.

Kevin – Seafood Stew with Lobster and Cuttlefish with Crispy Shallots Most of his critique is Padma’s rant about the wok.

Ed – Stir Fry Noodles with Black Pepper Sauce, Lobster and Gai Lan. Ed used two noodles, similar to a dish he has had back home. He also likes to “wok it out on the weekends.” Oh, Ed.

Seetoh praises all four dishes – Angelo for his robust flavors and the pineapple; Kelly for the essence of the ocean, which sounds like a fragrance – The Beach!; Kevin for the sophisticated salad, and Ed for lifting up the street food sensation.

Winner – Ed He is ecstatic – as he should be. Angelo is visibly upset, despite his words. Ed knows he beat Angelo, the Asian Chef King, at his own game.

Elimination Challenge – Ed and his immunity will join with the other three to make a menu as a team for an event hosted by Food and Wine Magazine editor Dana Cowin. A menu that will celebrate Singapore’s multi-cultural cuisine and be cooked to order. Personally, I am amazed that the second-to-last challenge is a team challenge. That’s two surprises this week, good job Show.

Back at Singapore Hilton (Paris’ little cousin, I think), the chefs decide to follow Ed’s lead and only cook one dish each. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Kevin teases about sharing his vinegar – I assume that means like in past finales that they were allowed to bring some of their own ingredients. Meanwhile, Ed jokingly slips a jelly packet into his pocket to use in a sauce. Ed comments here – and will do so several times – that he really wants to kick Angelo’s ass. That is a long line, my friend, take a number.

While shopping, as Kevin questions Kelly’s skills with Asian cuisine, Ed is secretly planning a second dish. Bold. And correct. Angelo again comments on how he’s glad he didn’t have immunity and that Ed may get soft as a result. I think his pants are seriously on fire. Meanwhile, Ed is subtly and consistently trying to get in Angelo’s head. And it may be working.

Tom arrives and completely calls them out for making only one dish each. He insists that they not skimp on the food for Food and Wine Magazine. Ed admits to making a second dish. The other three are a tad pissed. Angelo thinks Superman can’t cook that fast. I beg to differ.

Nerves are frayed, Kelly is sick of not being able to read what she is making. She also slices her finger during the hour of prep and is bleeding everywhere. Somewhere Fabio feels some kinship. She has to prep with a glove on her hand. I’m sure that hurt her chances. She couldn’t even use the plastic wrap – leading to a moment that was on the verge of becoming Lucille Ball-esque physical comedy.

As they cook, Kevin has a cockle problem and Ed helps him open up. And that just felt dirty to type. The Singapore wait staff present several challenges to the chefs – I love how one of them later brings back a ticket written in Chinese. Tom jokingly orders five of everything for him, Padma, Gail, Seetoh and Dana. Ed takes the lead with the wait staff – which is smart – and we are on.