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Big Brother 12 – The Nicest Guy, The Funniest Guy, and the Other Guy

Britney heads to the DR and cries it out. She realizes she’s not Lane’s friend, and he doesn’t care if she’s alive or dead. She says it will make her sick to vote for any of them. Lane leaves the HoH at this point, saying to see her hurt this bad was like one of his best dogs dying. He really wanted to take her to final two, but can’t tell her that, as it could jeopardize his standing with the Brigade. He goes downstairs to talk to her, but she doesn’t want to talk to him. He tells her he never played her and has a lot of feelings for her, and it won’t change after this.

We go live now to the Big Brother House, and Hayden gets to formally not use the veto. He tells both Lane and Britney that he hopes he’ll be friends with them both a long, long time. But having said that, he’s chosen not to use the Power of Veto.

Lane gives his last plea speech and says hello to his family and tells his friends to get ready for Steamboat. He tells the hosueguests they made the experience for him. Hayden is the nicest guy he’s met and they’ll be friends long after this. Enzo is the funniest cat he’s met and without him, the house would be dull ad boring. Britney is 100% genuine, and the nicest, kindest lady he’s been around. He feels blessed to be friends and have met her.

Britney says hi to her family and friends. To the guys, she tells them she loves them and they’re her family. She loves Hayden, and they’ll be friends forever. He really is one of the best people she’s ever met. Enzo really is hilarious, and she can’t wait to meet his wife and daughter. She’s loved every minute of living with him. Lane is her best friend in the house, and the one she’s the closest to and will miss him so much. She wants them to make her proud. If she can’t be an original member of the Brigade, she’s proud to be a casualty of it, and an alternate of it as well. Last but not least, “Go Hogs.”

Enzo tells Lane he knows how he feels about the Brigade, it was legit from week one. He’s been more loyal than than a german shepherd. He wants to make it short. Britney is a great girl, and he’s so happy he met her. She’s a great competitior and knows the game inside and out more than anyone. They felt the respect to tell her about the Brigade and be upfront and honest. If Nick wants to punch him in the face after this, he’ll give him one shot to do it. Enzo makes it official and evicts her. She tells them she loves them and walks out the door, holding it open as long as she can.

Julie asks Britney how she’s feeling, and she admits she’s upset, as she came to play, but the truth is she really does love them, and they’ve been her friends and family all summer. She did not love them when they were revealing about the Brigade, and she admits it was the worst day she’s had in the house. It was hard to realize everything she worked for was over like that, and she felt betrayed. Ragan suspected it earlier, and she didn’t believe him because she knew the guys were close, but felt close to them too. It’s not she didn’t hink it was a possibility, but thought she was working with them as well. She forgives Lane, because she thought his intentions were good, and if he could have done it the way he wanted to, they would have been final two together.

In Britney’s goodbye messages, Hayden says he didn’t want to do it to her, but he promised the guys since week one they’d go to the end. He feels like he betrayed her and let her down, but it’s the last thing he wanted to do. This is very hard for Enzo, as he doesn’t want to make anyone cry. For him to evict Britney it was definitely hard.

Lane explains to be there without her is going to be horrible. Everyone is going to miss her personality, but he’s going to miss everything about her. She was funny and perfect to talk to, and he won’t have anyone to aggravate now. It’ll be a big empty house without her. He knew she felt used when they revealed about the Brigade, but he wanted her there over the other two guys, but it was out of his hands. She was never a side alliance to him and was a good friend.

It’s the first leg of the final HoH competition, and as usual, it’s endurance. The three guys are hanging on ropes in front of a big fake ledge. It’s called “Rumble in the Big Brother Jungle.” They’re being whipped around on the ropes, and banged into the rocks which are really just covered walls. The guys are having a lot of fun with it.

Lane isn’t where he wanted to be at this point. He knew that the entire jury house disliked Britney, meaning he had a goo shot at final two with her. But here Britney just said Hayden was the nicest guy ever, and Enzo was the most hilarious. On top of that, Hayden’s won a lot of competitions. There’s no way he can beat either of them in final two. For Hayden, he probably has the edge over Enzo, but if he takes Lane, he knows he’ll win. Because of all that, Enzo’s only chance in making it to to the finale is to win the final HoH.

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