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Big Brother 12 – The Nicest Guy, The Funniest Guy, and the Other Guy

This power of veto competition is always the most important of the entire season. They winner gets to decide who casts the sole vote for eviction. If Enzo or Hayden win, Britney’s leaving, if Britney wins, Enzo’s leaving, and if Lane wins, he’ll have to make a tough decision, so probably won’t be trying very hard. By the end of tonight, we’ll be down to the final three.
After Hayden made the obvious nominations of Lane and Britney, Enzo explains he trusts Hayden, as he’s like his brother in the game. Hayden notes he made these particular nominations as Lane and Britney need to be broken up, yet it’s the Brigade to the end. Even though Britney is nominated, it all comes down to the power of veto, and she needs to fight as hard as she can to be safe for another week. Lane calls it tough to be next to her, as he does want to go to the end with her.

Hayden tells Lane he picked Enzo as he thinks he and Lane have a better shot at beating Enzo than Britney. Lane says the jury just can’t help but give her the money if she makes it to the end, and tells Hayden there’s no way Britney should make it through this week, but he really doesn’t want to lose her at this point. Hayden, of course, really wants it to be Brigade all the way.

Enzo knows if he doesn’t win the PoV, he’s going home, and that if Britney wins, she’ll send him home. He and Hayden are afraid of Britney winning the whole thing if she moves on. With this conversation going on, Lane notes he doesn’t want to leave the other two alone, meaning he’s afraid of what they’re going to conspire without him. Hayden is hoping Lane stays true to the Brigade, but doesn’t trust him 100% either. However, he thinks he has a better shot at beating Lane than Britney. Enzo knows Lane is in a win-win position, as he’s going through no matter who wins PoV. He thinks it’ll be a storybook finish.

Britney comes up tot he HoH room, and Hayden tells her he’s in a bad position, as no one will take him to final two. She tells him no one is going to take her either. He continues, saying he doesn’t want to see anyone go home, but knows no one is going to take him. Britney tries to get into his head, telling him Enzo is definitely going to win if he makes it to final two. She explains he played a different game than everyone else, but if she looks at the jury, it’s a bunch of people that hate her. Hayden knows she made some great points, but he doesn’t know if he should go against the Brigade right now.

For the power of veto competition, everyone knows the winner will decide who gets to cast the sole vote for eviction. They each have a station with eight clues on top and eight on the bottom, and they have to find cards that have pictures of two houseguests on them, one to answer the one on top, and one to answer the one on the bottom, and place them in the appropriate slots. Hayden knows if he wins, he’ll have an even bigger target on his back, yet it’s Big Brother trivia, something Britney could be really good at.

Hayden has a good strategy, taking all the pictures out first so he can look at them altogether. Britney has a similar strategy. Enzo just leaves them all in the box they came in and pages through them, and Lane doesn’t really have a clear picture on what he’s doing at all.

Everyone else has several pictures already in, and Lane hasn’t even started yet. Enzo finishes first, but has half of them wrong. Hayden gets it done second, and has them all right. He wins PoV. Britney still thinks she has a good chance at staying since she’s close to Lane and Hayden, and doesn’t think Enzo realizes he could be going home. She obviously doesn’t know about the Brigade.

After Hayden’s win, Enzo is feeling really safe and wants to tell Britney about the Brigade. Hayden decides it’s a great time to be honest about it and wants to tell her about it when he tells her he isn’t using the veto on her. Lane doesn’t want to do it, knowing it’s going to threaten his relationship with Britney. Hayden thinks she’s going to cry.

Britney joins Enzo and Lane in the HoH, and Enzo gives Lane a hard time about the big reveal. They start talking about team and group efforts, as Lane has his head down. Enzo asks Britney if she thinks there was an alliance in the house, and she names Lane and Matt and Brenchel. Enzo tells her he was definitely in an alliance with a couple of people. She asks if he means with Matty, and he says yes, but a couple other people too. He asks Lane who it was, wanting him to tell Britney, and she asks Lane if it was him. Enzo tells her about the Brigade and being together since day two. He explains they controlled the votes since the beginning, and starts explaining their whole strategy, breaking off into side alliances to control the vote.

Hayden joins the others and finds out Britney knows. He tells her he’s sorry, but he’s glad she at least won the 10Gs. She looks at Lane and it’s suddenly starting to sink in. She asks if this means she’s definitely gong home, and he tells her he’s not going to be using the veto. Hayden asks if she would have rather them not tell her, and she says no, but she starts crying, like he predicted, which he says is the last thing he wanted. He goes over to console her, and she gets up to leave, saying she wasted three months and lost her only shot at winning the money. She left everything for nothing.


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