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Big Brother 12 – A Strategic Overview of Week Eight

This week Lane was finally forced to test his loyalties between Britney and the Brigade. While he had, until now, professed his allegiance to the Brigade, this week he went in a different direction, deciding to stay true to Britney by using Hayden and Enzo as pawns. Ragan, of course, was the target all along, but after Enzo won POV Lane was then faced with the decision of whom to put up in his place. Ultimately, by putting up Hayden over Britney, Lane showed his distrust of the Brigade. And, despite strong campaigning, Ragan was evicted 2-0, making him the fifth member of the jury.

What was Ragan’s downfall? Did Lane and Britney do the right thing keeping Hayden in the house? What are everyone’s chances of winning? And, as always, where do the players stand strategically?

Ragan – 5th place
Ragan figured everything out a week too late to do anything about it. He was a strategic thinker and a strong competitor. After Enzo won POV, Ragan’s best chance to stay in the house was for Lane to put up Britney as the pawn and then get Hayden and Enzo to vote out Britney instead. I would have liked to see Ragan work harder to make this happen. It seemed like in between the POV competition and the ceremony all Ragan did was sit around and feel sorry for himself. The game is always happening; it never stops. He should have stayed focused and implemented his next best possible move. I think Ragan missed an opportunity that could have kept him in the game.

Lane may have manipulated Britney last week, but she was certainly the one doing the manipulating this week. She appears to have convinced Lane that taking her to the final two is his best possible move. This was a huge move, the effects of which are yet to be seen. The Brigade has broken, and the final four has become a battle of Lane and Britney versus Hayden and Enzo. It all depends on who wins POV, but Britney’s chances of staying just improved.

Enzo (aka Meow Meow)
Enzo finally won a competition this week, although I would say his position is not as good as it was a week ago. He is now being seen as a legitimate threat to win the game. He is in more danger now than he ever was. This week, his best move would have been to figure out a way to backdoor Britney and make a secret deal with Ragan. If he makes the final two, I think he has the best chance of winning. But can he make it?

I think Hayden seems like the most insincere person in the house. Whenever he says nice things to people, I get the feeling he’s only doing it for their vote in the end. However, it’s whether or not the other houseguests buy into it that really matters.

Lane is looking like a lock for the final three. If one of the Brigade members wins POV, he will vote out Britney. If Britney wins POV, she will get rid of Hayden or Enzo. No matter what, Lane makes the final three. The question is, does he have enough friends on the jury to win?

Question of the Week
Hayden is the worst dancer I have ever seen. This is not a question. This is a fact.

I’ll be back next week with some more strategic musings.

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