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Project Runway, Sept. 2 – Always a Bridesmaid

Christopher took a full dress and wanted to make it look sexy. He draped it to make it look softer. Michael doesn’t like it, but Cynthia thinks it’s beautiful. Nina likes the top half, but not the bottom half. Heidi likes the silhouette.

Peach wanted to highlight her client’s shoulders, as she has a lovely angel tattoo. Michael thinks the model’s hair is gorgeous, but that’s the only nice thing he can say. He calls the top a “Holly Hobby halter with avocado dinner napkins tucked into the hip.” Peach worries about chopping off the napkins, but after she folds them in, Michael says she no longer has a goiter. Erika, the client, tells the judges the dress is comfortable and Michael sneers that’s like saying the dress is washable. Heidi also dislikes the ruffles and Nina calls the color boring. Cynthia says the dress looks uptight, rather than effortless.

Mondo wanted to make a sleek party dress. Nina likes the asymmetry and modern look of the dress. Heidi likes how he’d gotten rid of the original’s shininess. Cynthia likes the sleek dress, but thinks the model’s hair is still bridesmaid. Michael loves the shoulder strap, which is both tough and feminine.

Valerie wanted to do color blocking, and Michael tells her that the color blocking makes her client look like a nursing grandmother. Cynthia says she would have made the top smaller and the skirt longer, while the straps look too much like Frederick’s of Hollywood. Nina adds the top makes the model look like she has a massive chest. Worse, it makes her look shorter and broader than before. Heidi, however, doesn’t hate it as much as the others do.

Last up is Michael C., who tells the judges that his client asked for a short, sexy dress. Heidi comments that he’d turned an old-fashioned bridesmaid’s dress into something edgy and hip. The lace on top was actually a good idea. Michael K. says the dress looks expensive and the styling is spot on. The top’s proportions are right for the very short skirt. Cynthia loves the fake pocket on the side and calls the very short skirt “exciting.” Nina likes the detailing on the velvet bow.

The judges then send everybody backstage so they can deliberate. Backstage, Peach tells the other designers that the judges hated everything about her look except her model’s hairdo. Michael D. tells them that everybody loved Michael C.’s dress.

The judges start with the designers they liked. They loved Michael C.’s dress, praising its balance and construction. Christopher had a good idea, but the judges liked his top more than they did his skirt. Mondo did a great job transforming a bridesmaid dress into something modern, but they docked him points for his model’s hair.

On to the designers they didn’t like. Valerie’s dress looked like a tennis dress gone wrong. Michael D.’s dress looked cheap. Peach’s dress was a disaster that looked home-sewn. The judges acknowledge that she can sew, but they question her taste level. Backstage, Gretchen and the others are astonished that Michael C. is in the top three.

The judges have reached a decision. They praise both Michael C. and Mondo for their efforts, and tell Michael C. that he’s the winner. I’m guessing that even though Mondo had gotten the most votes, Michael C. had gotten the second- or third-most votes. Gretchen, of course, is horrified by Michael C.’s win, especially when Casanova cheerfully points out that Michael C. is now a two-time winner like herself. Andy and Ivy are also shocked that Michael C. won.

Mondo, Christopher, and Valerie are in, leaving Michael D. and Peach in the bottom two. He’s in and she’s out. April and Mondo are both sad to see her go.

Next week: The designers go on a boat ride to seek inspiration for resort wear.

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