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Project Runway, Sept. 2 – Always a Bridesmaid

Andy tells Michael C. about Ivy’s accusations of sabotage, and Michael C. naturally proclaims his innocence. Ivy wants to put this “issue” behind her, but Michael C. wants to discuss it.

Back in the workroom, everybody is putting the finishing touches on their pieces. Peach is feeling good after the showcase. Tim stops by to send in the models – and to tell everybody that Piperlime.com has a gift for the models: a selection of jewelry from their website.

Peach is still having problems with her skirt and comments that the model may have to wear biker shorts. Michael C. confronts Ivy about the rumor she’s been spreading about him and says he would not sabotage anybody like that. Ivy chooses not to believe him based on his “track record.” Huh? That suggests he has a history of sabotaging people. The season’s almost halfway through, and I tend to think we’d have seen evidence of his so-called “track record” by now. Nice try, Ivy, but no sale. (I’m not going to insult worms or female dogs by comparing her to either of them.) Michael suggests that Ivy talk to his model about it, and she assures him that it’s not necessary. Gretchen and Michael D. appear to believe Ivy, to their discredit.

It’s off to the runway, and Cynthia Rowley is on hand as the guest judge. Heidi announces that Mondo’s design got the most votes at the public showcase, and his design is the first to be shown. It’s a two-toned, black and pink minidress with one shoulder. The 60’s influence is there, but the model, unfortunately, is also sporting big hair.

Ivy made white clam-digger pants and a loose yellow top out of her dress. Valerie sent down the worst thing she’s made yet. The short red skirt’s okay, but the black and white shirt’s a disaster, as the color blocking emphasizes the fact that the client isn’t the most slender woman around. Oops.

Gretchen’s outfit looks like she saw Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome a few too many times. The ombre top simply looks dirty, and the burgundy miniskirt seems crudely made. The thigh-high boots don’t help. Peach’s look is a grey-green job that looks like it could have been made out of upholstery. The shirt has ruffles at the bottom that look like a bedskirt. The skirt itself is too tight for the client.

Andy had dyed his blue dress and made a black bustier and dark purple shorts out of it. Michael C. made a black minidress and decorated the short sleeves with lace.

Christopher made a patterned sleeveless brown minidress. Michael D.’s dress has the unhappy effect of making his client look bigger than she already is. He made a short dark red dress and festooned black chiffon from the skirt. He also made a black jacket.

Casanova made blue clam-digger pants and a loose, one-shoulder, bronze top. April sent down a short black dress with mid-length sleeves and a dark gray piece of fabric stuck in the cleavage.

Heidi calls Andy, April, Ivy, Casanova, and Gretchen. She congratulates them for having made it to the next round. Backstage, April and Ivy believe that Valerie could be in the top, but Gretchen is uncertain about that. Andy and the women agree that Michael C. should be in the bottom.

The judges start with Michael D., who tells them that he’d wanted to make a cocktail dress. Michael K. jeers that it went from being a bridesmaid dress to a bat mitzvah dress. He and Heidi agree that the original color was better. Nina thinks the chiffon looks like mosquito netting and that it highlights everything that went wrong. Cynthia sees a retro Mad Men idea – that went wrong. Michael D.’s client, however, thinks the dress is fun.