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Project Runway, Sept. 2 – Always a Bridesmaid

Peach isn’t happy with the print she has, and Valerie comments that her dress is too frilly and “grandma.” Tim suggests Peach put the gauzy material over the original green. Christopher worries that his fabric looks too much like curtains. He wants a very short skirt, but a relatively modest top.

Ivy’s client wants to show off her body, and Tim jokingly suggests that she make a thong and call it a day. He likes Casanova’s sporty design, but thinks Andy’s look is too “clubby.” He then looks at himself. Valerie worries that her look may be too “Stepford Wife,” and Tim agrees that it looks less like fashion and more like ordinary clothes. She cuts a little cleavage and Tim tells her that it already looks a lot better.

Tim announces he has a surprise for everybody. The next day will not be runway day. Instead, the designers will display their creations at a public showcase, to which hundreds of people have been invited. These people will vote for their favorite design, and that vote will be factored into the later judging.

After leaving, Tim sends in everybody’s models. Michael D.’s client assures him that she would wear his design, which makes him happy. April’s client asks her to make the collar detachable and April agrees to this request, somewhat reluctantly. Michael C.’s client loves her dress, but wants sleeves. Peach is frustrated by her ill-fitting skirt, which is the result of a cutting error. Mondo suggests cutting a pattern piece to make up for the seam going down the front, but she’s not sure if that would work.

The designers take a break in their apartment before the showcase. Valerie worries to Gretchen about her overly simple design. They and Ivy suspect Peach is losing herself in this challenge. Peach herself is certain that she’s going to end up in the bottom. She likes April’s design, but April says her model hates it.

Back at the workroom, Peach isn’t sure if anybody is going to like her dress, as she doesn’t like it. April, on the other hand, is happy with her dress, and is also happy that she stood firm and didn’t do everything her client wanted her to do. Michael D. worries that the judges won’t like his design since it combines his style with his client’s wishes. Michael C. adds lace to his dress, while Valerie adds straps to hers.

It’s off to the showcase! Tim spells out the rules. Each client/model will stand on a small stage. The guests will vote for their favorite look by throwing buttons in a goldfish bowl with the designer’s name on it. Tim advises the designers not to be shrinking violets, but to “seduce” the guests while talking to them.

During the show, the designers show the guests photos of the original dresses. Valerie gets a good response from the visitors – but she notes that her button count is low. Michael C. also gets good feedback and a few buttons. Ivy sees the other designers interacting with the public and comments that she views the showcase as a business opportunity. She therefore hopes to represent herself well.

Casanova runs into a countryman, which makes him happy. Michael D. is not so happy to see that he’s only gotten one button. Peach tells one guest about being the “old lady” of the competition, and he says 35 isn’t old. Mondo feels great every time a button drops into his fishbowl. He feels even better when some girls tell him they would wear his dress.

Ivy tells Valerie that Michael C. has been sabotaging her by telling guests that she’s “the bitch of the show.” Given that we don’t see Michael C. doing any such thing, I’m inclined to take that accusation with a shaker full of salt.

The next day is the day of the runway show. People continue to gripe about Michael C., which begs the question: Has he done something horrible we haven’t seen? Does he smell bad or have gross personal habits? Or did the casting department recruit as many self-centered jerks as it could? Why are people ganging up on him?