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Project Runway, Sept. 2 – Always a Bridesmaid

Last week on Project Runway, the designers confronted a team challenge, in which each team of six had to make a fall collection. Even though the teams weren’t supposed to have leaders, Gretchen took over her team. When her team lost, she and the others turned on Michael C. (who was immune anyway) and thereby earned Tim’s wrath. Casanova was the overall winner, and A.J. was sent home.

The next morning, people are still stewing about the team challenge and its fallout. Casanova is thrilled to have won immunity. Peach and April both agree that Michael C. would have been sent home if he’d hadn’t had immunity, as he can’t sew or make patterns. Michael C. himself feels as if he has no friends, especially since his own teammates tried to get rid of him. (I’m sick of the expression “throw X under the bus,” by the way.) Gretchen herself had her feelings hurt by Tim. She whines that she’s not manipulative.

Heidi Klum greets the designers on the runway and introduces them to their new models: a bunch of women wearing some very ugly bridesmaids’ dresses. Cue the groans from the designers. The challenge is to make something fashionable out of a bridesmaid’s dress.

As Casanova was last week’s winner, he gets to choose his client/model first. He picks Julia, as he likes her slim, model-like figure. April is next and chooses a woman in a silver, pleated gown. Peach loves green and thus picks a woman in a green dress. Ivy chooses someone in white and Michael C. picks a woman in a black and white dress. Andy chooses Kim, who had sarcastically pointed out the big vertical bow on her frock. Christopher picks Nana, because her blue dress goes with her skin tone.

Mondo is drawn to Amanda’s rosy pink dress – but he’s horrified when she turns around and reveals the hideous white stripe going down the back. Gretchen chooses Lateefah, who is in burgundy. Valerie chooses Lena, who had joked that her hot pink dress was inspired by a Jolly Rancher. Michael D. is last and also gets stuck with a hot pink dress. He immediately complains that he’s gotten the worst dress.

Back at the work room, Tim spells out the rules. The contestants have to rework their monstrosities into runway-worthy looks. They will have a half hour to sketch and $50 to spend at Mood. They are only allowed to buy up to two yards of fabric, which will force them to incorporate most or all of the bridesmaid’s dress in their new look.

Christopher immediately has a problem, as his model has suddenly quit. His new model, Ava, is wearing a hideous yellow dress. Mondo decides to make a two-toned dress for his client. He tells us she goes to a lot of weddings. April is finding her client hard to deal with, as she doesn’t like any of April’s ideas. Michael C. finds his client, Brooke, easy to get along with and wants to make something with lace and an open back. Peach wants to show off her client’s shoulders. Michael D. notes that his client is more “voluptuous” than what he’s used to. In other words, she’s heavier than the women he’s used to working for.

Then it’s off to Mood. Here, Michael D. decides to buy some upholstery fabric as he can get more yardage out of that.

Back at the workshop , Michael C. wants to make a fitted dress. Valerie and Andy don’t believe that Michael is worth anything. Gretchen is talking to her mother on a computer video phone and telling Mama her woes. Her mother reminds her to stay focused. Gretchen tells us that she and her mother are close. Christopher is upset about Tim’s lambasting Gretchen and everyone else on that team. He assures us that Gretchen doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

On that note, Tim Gunn comes in to make his rounds – and he starts with Gretchen, who is extremely apprehensive about Tim possibly laying into her again. Tim, of course, is too much of a professional to do that, and compliments the ombre effect of her top. He does caution that the overall look is too athletic.

Michael C. tells Tim that his client wants lace and a puff sleeve; Tim urges him to try to talk her out of the idea. Tim goes to Michael D., who hadn’t wanted to work with the original form, but the lack of fabric has forced him to do so. His current design, black lace over the dress, reminds Tim of an oversized bra. Casanova notes that Michael D. has made very few changes to his dress and has simply put black lace on it. Tim likes Mondo’s 60’s mod piece, and April likes how he’d turned the satin inside out, thus making it less shiny.