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Big Brother 12, Sept. 2 – The Snow Job

Matt now tells everyone he has a surprise. They’re guessing it was that he was the Saboteur. But instead it’s the lie about his wife having the horrible bone disease. He admits to them she’s healthy and has never had a thing wrong with her. Kathy isn’t happy. Brendon says he’s going to hell. Kathy tells him it’s wrong as there are sick people out in the world who are suffering, and she’s one of them. To her, it’s not strategy, but a lie, and with her surviving cancer and dealing with that, it devastated her.

Rachel says it’s horrible and unforgivable and mentions what Kathy went through. She goes over and gives Kathy a hug. Kathy asks God to have mercy on Matt’s soul. She confronts him saying he told her he could relate to her her because of his wife and said it to her face. She wonders if he’s ever lost someone, and Rachel tells him it’s selfish. Brendon tells him he’ll have to live with it the rest of his life. Matt says he does regret it, but he was gong to donate some of the money to that cause. Rachel tells him to leave the room. Kathy never thought something like that would come from him.

Julie talks to Lane in the HoH. He’s not worried about the fallout from the Brigade after putting Hayden on the block. He knows he’s safe and couldn’t chance Enzo gunning for Britney and her being on the block. He knows the eventual choice he is going to have to make is going to be difficult. Backstabbing will be hard at this point., but he’s after half a million, not a few thousand, so Britney’s looking good for that. He told Britney he was not in an alliance as he wasn’t smart enough for that, so Julie asks if he’s playing less intelligent as a strategy. He says he’s been playing half the dodo part , but he might have to bring the brains back. If he gets to final three with the Brigade, he’d take Hayden to the end as he’s his boy … and because he thinks he could beat him.

Ragan makes his last plea speech and thanks his mom and sister for their support and dedicates his time here to his dad who died six years ago. He knows he would have gotten a lot of joy out of seeing his youngest and weirdest son compete three days a week on TV, having come from humble beginnings. To his friends here in the house, he knows he’s been a pill the last couple of days, but he loves them. If he leaves, he’s going to be at the house holding a bunch of ooey, gooey, yummy cookies, which was of course Rachel’s taunt to him.

Hayden feels lucky to be here in final five and couldn’t ask to be with a greater group of people. Ragan is an unbelievable guy, and he has nothing but great things to say about him. Hayden tells the others they have gotten to know him as well as anyone in the house, and they know him and what he represents. Regardless of what happens, they’re going to Steamboat Springs, Colorado in January for a snowboard trip. He loves his family and friends and thanks his fans for the support.

Enzo walks in to vote first and obviously votes to evict Ragan. Britney votes to evict her dear friend Ragan. Ragan is evicted and it seems he knew it was coming. He hugs everyone on the way out and wishes them luck, then literally runs out the door, excited to meet Julie Chen.

Ragan tells Julie his argument to stay this week didn’t work because that group of four was closer knit than he anticipated. He thinks they’re making a big mistake. They can’t see it, as they’re a very loyal group of people. The qualities they have are things he usually runs to in the normal world. It’s unlike the other seasons of Big Brother that he’s seen, and he thinks it’s very admirable what they did in getting rid of him. He also knows they know if he made it to final four, he would have won the game. Early on he suspected a male alliance, then dismissed it, and this week he suspected it again. He would have loved to have acted on it earlier to keep Kristen in the game, but the problem was his good friend Matt was fooled into believing he was one of them.

Ragan doesn’t regret trying to keep Matt in the house. He is someone he’d be drawn to in the real world. He thinks he’s an excellent human being and doesn’t for one second regret the faith he put in him. Whenever they had conversations, they came from a real, genuine place. He’s not close to any of his real brothers, but felt something close to that, and he wasn’t willing to throw it away for the fourth time. Wait until he finds out about Matt’s lie. He’s going home with $20,000 Saboteur money, and while his mom wants to hear he’s paying off his student loan, he’s using the money to buy a Hybrid or BMW.

In his goodbye videos, Lane tells him he’s a great guy and he brought an amazing argument on why he should keep him, but it wasn’t enough to break his loyalty to Hayden and Enzo. He’s see him again. Britney couldn’t give him her vote to him as one person wasn’t going to change the outcome and would have hurt her in the game. She’s sorry he has to go to the jury house and listen to Rachel’s loud disgusting cackle,

Enzo tells Ragan that perhaps he was too emotional complaining and crying a lot, but he meant well and speaks from the heart. Enzo would appreciate the vote if he makes the final two. Hayden admires the way Ragan played the game, but the last couple of weeks the odds were against him and he fought. He’s an awesome representative of the gay community, and a lot of young people can look up to him. This makes me wonder if he found out he was a professor.

It’s the live HoH, and it’s Big Brother Christmas. The Houseguests playing need to be the first to decorate their Christmas tree. They have to maneuver the ornaments up the tree and into place with their fingers through the fence. The first to decorate their whole tree, star and all, wins HoH. It looks painstakingly hard. Hayden gets an ornanment up first as Britney keeps dropping all hers. She’s either really tense or blowing it intentionally. Back from commercial, Hayden has five, Enzo has three, and Britney has one, but here comes the snow as we sign out.

It certainly seems like it’s Hayden’s game to lose. As I mentioned earlier, what’s even more important is who wins PoV. As the HoH putting two people on the block this week is more just an exercise in futility. It doesn’t really mean anything unless the HoH wins the PoV. It’s not looking too good for Britney in this competition, but PoV could be a Q&A style game which she has a good shot at winning. If they finally have the morphing comp, she has a good shot at winning that one too. I’m not ready to count her out just yet.

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