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Big Brother 12, Sept. 2 – The Snow Job

First of all a request to CBS: Please put Big Brother back on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays. It screws up my week. Thank you. Back to tonight’s Big Brother. The writing’s on the wall for Ragan it seems. All season long the voting has gone the way the Brigade wants it. I don’t see it going any differently this week. Britney could split the vote and force Lane to make a decision, but he wants to keep his hands clean, and she needs to stay on his good side in case he wins the next PoV, as that’s essentially who will decide who goes home.
After Lane put Hayden up on the block, Hayden notes it’s the second time Lane nominated a Brigade member when he could have put up Britney. He says it’s not cool and wonders what he’s thinking. Britney sys she’s been pushing hard for that, and it all paid off. It sucks that Hayden has to go up, but better him than her. Lane calls it not easy to nominate him, but he couldn’t risk the house sending Britney home, as he needs her there with him in final two. Enzo isn’t happy about it either, but he thinks the plan is still going to stick to send Ragan home. Ragan knows he’s not in a good position, but he’s not going to fall over and die. He’s going to find a way to guarantee another week in the house, even it’s a longshot.

The Brigade has a meeting in the HoH, as Hayden says one of them is going to win the money, and Enzo points out unless Britney gets HoH next. Lane wants to be with her in the final two, as he thinks she’s easiest to beat, since she has more enemies in the jury house than any of the Brigade members. He knows the house isn’t big enough for her and the Brigade much longer.

Ragan knows to stay alive he needs two votes, and the people voting are Britney and Enzo, and he knows he won’t get Enzo’s vote. He wants to convince Lane to vote for him in a tiebreaker. He tells Britney that realistically if she goes up against the guys, that she’s lose the game. The way he’s counting the votes, if it’s her again them, she loses Brendon and Rachel right off the bat. He asks her why doesn’t she keep someone around that she can beat, like him. He thinks Brenchel would sooner vote for her than him.

If Enzo or Hayden gets HoH, she and Lane are up on the block, and then only Veto matters. If Ragan stays in the house, it changes to a 75% shot, not 50%. He would take her to the end with him, not because he adores her, but because she’s the only person he thinks he can potentially beat. She knows he has a lot of good arguments, but it’s out of their control. She advises him to speak with Lane.

Ragan goes to Lane and asks him if he’s there to give away a half million dollars or win a half million. The answer is obvious. He tells Lane what he already knows, that he won’t win against either Hayden or Enzo. He knows they’ve probably been working together since early in the game, but he thinks Enzo and Hayden’s loyalties are primarily with each other, even though Hayden has been telling Lane it’s with him. As Matt always said, Ragan knows the game and is usually right.

Every year the question is asked what big, bold move did you make in the game. In order for Ragan to justify giving Lane the money, he needs an answer to that, but can’t answer that question right now. If Hayden goes to the jury house stunned, they will all ask when Lane started playing. He tells him it’s the move no one expects. Lane admits he has him thinking. He knows Hayden is coming hard after Britney, and that messes up his endgame. Plus, he knows he can’t beat Hayden in the end. If he keeps Ragan and Britney, it’s two people he knows he can beat in the end. The problem with doing that, of course, is that he can’t win HoH next week. If Enzo wins, Lane is in big trouble.

Live with the Houseguests tonight, Julie shows them videos of how they handled their dancing punishment. They had as much fun with it as we did. Hayden tells Julie hands down he knows the worst dancer was himself. No matter how tan he gets, he’s always the whitest guy in the room. Ragan is asked if the dance punishment was worse or the sock puppet. He liked both of them, though, as it allowed them to laugh at themselves. He liked the dancing more, because it makes him feel good.

Enzo is asked about the penguin costume and knows he won’t ever live it down in New Jersey. Yet, he knows he gave it some swagger. He beat the costume curse, too. Britney has been the only woman for two weeks, and she says the worst thing is how nasty and dirty the house is. Ragan is incredulous, saying she’s the dirtiest.

We finally get a shot of the jury house and get to see Rachel’s time there alone. She’s waiting for “a new friend” and hopes it will be Matt, hoping Brendon paid attention to the pretzel message she left. It’s of course Kathy after the Matt’s Diamond Power of Veto. Kathy walks in saying there’s a new sheriff in town. Rachel asks her how she got evicted, and Kathy explains the Diamond Power of Veto.

One week ago, they’re there waiting to see who was going to come walking in and hoped it would be Britney, followed by Ragan. They joke that would make it three princesses and a queen in the house. It’s of course Matt, and he tells them there are too many girls in the house. Kathy was happy and sad in a way, as Matt told her his wife had a bone disease, and she wanted him to get further in the game. Matt tells them Britney got him out of the game, and he knows it’s Big Brother karma coming his way, as he should have taken her out the week before instead of Kathy.

They pop in the video, and Rachel is incredulous that he was throwing the HoH. She thinks bald Brendon is cute after the PoV, but Matt thinks he looks like a penis. Ragan says Britney is a ball of evil, as she promised she wouldn’t put him up, but did. Like he lived up to all of his promises. He hopes Britney will be walking in behind him in the double eviction. Yet it’s Brendon who comes walking in the door. He says he got burned by Hayden. Rachel can’t even be excited to see him, as she thinks he deserves to be in the house still.


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