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Top Chef D.C., Sept. 1 – Run Short-Ribs Run!

Ed is up first to hear the critiques of his dish. Anthony Bourdain acknowledges all that was going on on the plate, but thinks he did a great job. Eric Ripert thinks that the dish is overly complicated, but can see his talent and the overall taste of the dish is good. Tom reiterates that there were a lot of ingredients, and unless everything is done well, it could have gone wrong. He says that everything went well.

Tiffany is next, and Tom thinks she could have done without the mealy tomatoes and the skin on the pepper. You know everything is going right when they have to react to skin on a pepper. Eric Ripert thinks that the dish needed some citrus such as lime to brighten it up. Anthony Bourdain wanted to taste a stronger fish to match up with the sauce. Tiffany tells them about the frozen mussels.

Kelly’s review starts with a compliment from Tom. She is told by him that her artichokes were cooked as nice as he has seen artichokes cooked. Eric Ripert asks if she has learned her technique from Provence, France. She has and says the food there is close to her heart. He tells her that it shows.

Angelo is up next and Tom points out that the ginger was too sweet for him. Angelo tells the judges that he took a very submissive role in creating the dish and wanted to focus on precession. He felt that he made love to the short ribs, by heating, glazing, heating, and glazing constantly. All I can say is that’s a horrible visual and eww! Anthony Bourdain says that he has no idea what Angelo is talking, about but he loved the dish.

Kevin is told that his steak was perfectly cooked and that the jalapeño relish had a nice kick to it. Tom thinks that it should have been cut thicker, and Anthony Bourdain thinks that he played it a little safe choosing a sirloin steak. Kevin points out that he wanted to give a familiarity to home and comfort.

They are all dismissed back to the dreaded pantry. At this point I couldn’t tell you who is going home. I don’t think any of them know either.

They start by reviewing Ed. I think Anthony Bourdain puts it best when he said you ask these contestants to cook their hearts out, andthis guy cooked his heart out. Eric Ripert can’t seem to get past the busy-ness of the dish, but agrees that he cooked his heart out.

Kelly’s dish gets high marks from Eric. He feels she cooked without a safety net, because if you miss one thing the dish would have been a mess. Tom says yes, but the tightrope is this wide; he spreads his arms apart as wide as they can go. Funnies from Tom. Since I usually don’t recap this show you wouldn’t know about my crush on Tom! Anthony Bourdain admits he loves the dish, but thinks that points should also be given for originality, which there was none. Eric admits that it is a classic dish.

Padma loves Angelo’s food. Tom is having trouble getting past the jar of candied ginger. Anthony and Eric both love the dish and the originality of it.

Tom believes that Kevin really listened and gave the astronauts a dish that was familiar with home. Something must have been said off camera, because I didn’t hear that when the basic do’s and don’ts list was said. The problem with the dish is that this is Top Chef and he made sirloin steak.

Tiffany’s dish they liked, but Eric Ripert believes that she cancelled out two flavors and the freshness when she cooked the pea shoots with the fish sauce. Tom states that when a chef enters in to fine food cooking, the skin of the pepper really needs to be taken off because of the bitterness.

They all recognize that it is a statement to how well all the dishes were prepared that they are picking them apart so finely. A decision is made though. Not only will the winning chef get their dish made by NASA, they have also been invited to watch one of the remaining launches of the space shuttle. The winner is Angelo. The loser not going on to Singapore is Tiffany. Ed looks just as shocked. They say that they don’t judge past performance on the meal that is presented before judges table; this is one of those times that it proves to be true. I’m sure her fiancé is not too upset she is not going halfway around the world with Ed, though.

When she walks into the pantry, Angelo stands up to hug her. He was assuming she was safe and there was a bottom three still out there. He is also in disbelief.

Thanks for visiting with me for a while; Jeremy will be back next week to write about the first challenge over in Singapore.

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