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Project Runway, Aug. 26 – A Team Effort

Back at the workshop, Team Military & Lace starts draping, to make sure everybody has enough material to work with before anybody starts cutting. Team Luxe begins divvying up responsibilities, and Ivy is the only one working on a whole outfit. A.J. starts working with some sheer fabric, and Gretchen worries that his construction skills might not be up to snuff. A.J. himself tells us that the piece he’s working on is the most difficult thing he’s ever made. Casanova works on a lace blouse, hoping that the judges won’t call him out for too much drama.

Ivy tries to explain how to make a cowl to Michael C., and he doesn’t get it. Ivy can’t believe he doesn’t know the basics of making garments. Michael C., for his part, doesn’t like having Ivy criticize him. At one point, he vows, “She’s going to get it.” Nice.

Tim Gunn and Peter Butler come in, as it’s time for hair consultations. To reduce chaos, Tim asks that each team send only two representatives to the consultations. Team Military & Lace send Valerie and April, who want to play with masculine and feminine images. They ask for French braids and a Mohawk, amongst other things, and Peter comments that’s all too much. He helps them pare down their options. Team Luxe sends Gretchen and Andy, who want something with a modern edge. Peter recommends an updated version of old Hollywood glamour.

After Peter leaves, Tim makes his rounds. Since this a team challenge, he talks to each team. He starts off with Military & Lace, and immediately warns them that lace can look old. He likes the neckline on Mondo’s piece, and he advises Peach to put the berry fabric under the lace rather than on top of it. He likes Valerie’s outfit, but advises April to clean up her seams, as they look messy. Finally, he stops by
Casanova, who is apprehensive as Tim has never liked any of his pieces. Tim tells Casanova that his outfit could be worn by the mother of the other designs’ women. Casanova is upset, to put it mildly, and wonders how he keeps making senior citizens’ garments.

Tim then moves onto Team Luxe. Gretchen and Ivy believe it’s an authentic collaboration. Andy tells Tim that everybody is working on about three pieces each. Gretchen is working on casual attire, while Michael C. has decided to make a draped piece rather than the cowl neck that had been giving him fits earlier. A. J. shows Tim his shirt dress. Tim comments that Team Luxe is being very ambitious– but warns that their collection looks ho-hum compared to the other team’s.

Crushed by Tim’s critique, Casanova decides to take a break – which means he leaves the workroom to sulk. Have I mentioned that Casanova is 33, making him the oldest of the remaining male designers? Valerie comments that he’s being a diva, but goes to try to talk him into coming back and finishing. She reminds him that if he doesn’t finish, the whole team will lose, and one of them will be sent home. Michael D. and Peach also take the time to comfort him and try to coax him back into the workroom. Nothing works until his model, Sarae, arrives. She finds him on the phone with his aunt – and thinking about quitting the competition. Sarae tells him that he shouldn’t let other people get to him and that he should just make something beautiful. Casanova, comforted, returns to work.

Over on Team Luxe, everybody is fitting their models, except for A.J. who has just restarted the back of his dress and therefore has nothing for his model to try on. Michael C., to his distress, has discovered that his dress doesn’t fit his model. Christopher tells us that it’s frustrating that Michael C. is the group’s weakest link, but still has immunity. Gretchen tells us that there’s a lot to do that A.J. and Michael C. can’t accomplish.

The next morning, everybody gets back to work. Gretchen has put together a to-do list for everybody and hands out the day’s assignments. Ivy has finished her own work and decides to help her teammates. Even so, Team Luxe is so far behind, that when Tim sends in the models, Team Luxe recruits them to help with the hemming. During the hairstyling phase, Team Military & Lace asks for the models to be given pulled-back, but slightly messy ‘dos, to make it look as if they were soldiers fresh from a battle.

On the runway, the guest judge is Georgina Chapman, designer and co-founder of Marchesa. Team Military & Lace goes first, starting with Mondo, who had made yellow leggings, black shorts, and a lacy black halter top. Peach sent down a lacy berry top and a slim blue skirt decorated with gold chains. April turned out a black pantsuit with a lacy, sleeveless top.

Valerie made a short white skirt with a matching jacket, a dark blue top and blue leggings. Casanova finally proved he belongs on the show, as he made some very nice white pants and a sleeveless black top made of lace. It’s almost translucent in areas, but not to the point of being vulgar. Last up is Michael D., who made a lacy black top and paired it with a black skirt.

It’s Team Luxe’s turn, and since no one designer, except Ivy, worked on a complete look, the outfits are numbered. The first outfit is an off-white, baggy shirt dress and brown leggings. The next look consists of camel pants, an ill-proportioned top and a jacket. It looks like something my mother might like – and she’s 70 years old. The third look consists of an off-white jacket belted around the waist with a thin brown belt, a reddish-brown top, and a gray skirt.