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Big Brother 12 – A Strategic Overview of Week Seven

This week we had a double eviction for the ages as both Matt and Brendon were evicted from the Big Brother House. Last week, Matt used the Diamond Power of Veto to eliminate Kathy. This week, he found himself booted out the door by someone who seemed to be his ally. When Britney first won HOH her target was clear. She wanted Brendon out of the house more than anyone. However, after Brendon won POV for the third time this season, Britney realized she was going to have to put one of her friends up in his place. Lane, Enzo, Hayden, and Brendon (The Brigade 2.0) pushed hard for Matt to go up. In the past two weeks they had become suspicious of Matt’s relationship with Ragan. They were no longer confident of his loyalty to the Brigade.

Ragan pushed for Hayden to up, thinking, correctly, that it was Britney’s most logical move. And oblivious to the Brigade’s betrayal, Matt ironically chose to stay loyal and pushed for Ragan to get put up on the block. Among all the chaos, Britney decided to listen to Lane and backdoor Matt, who was evicted in a 4-0 vote making him the third member of the jury.

During the double eviction, Hayden narrowly beat out Brendon to win his second HOH of the season. He nominated Ragan, the target, and Brendon, who was believed to be the pawn. After Ragan won the POV, however, Britney was put up in his place and Brendon was evicted 3-0.

What was Matt’s and Brendon’s downfall? Did Britney do the right thing in getting him out? How are Ragan’s chances without Matt in the house? And, as always, where do the players stand strategically?

Matt – 7th place
Matt really messed up this week. He didn’t have to go home; he just seemed to make all the wrong decisions. He finally had his chance to choose between Ragan and the Brigade, and he made the wrong choice. It’s as simple as that. Ragan would have been loyal to Matt to the very end. The Brigade planned on voting him out last week, and he knew that. He may not have known how badly they wanted him out, but he knew he was not in a great position with them. Why did Matt decide to turn on Ragan and not the Brigade? For a super genius, he certainly didn’t play like one.

So what should Matt have done? Well, telling Britney about the Brigade would have been a start. But more importantly he needed to convince her that putting up Hayden was her best move. When she told him it was between him and Hayden, that doesn’t mean throw Ragan under the bus. That means you better come up with a reason for why she should put up Hayden. She knew Matt wasn’t going after her. All Matt needed to do was present some actual logic. “Hayden and Enzo are huge threats in this game and they are not on your side so put them on the block together so one of them will go home.” Not only that, they had the votes to send home whoever they wanted. Matt and Ragan are two votes and as HOH, Britney would break the tie.

Brendon – 6th place
Brendon merely took Matt’s place as the lowest man on the totem pole in the Brigade. They were going to be aligned with him until he stopped winning competitions. I think because of everything Matt said about Ragan catching on to the Brigade, that if Ragan had lost POV, Brendon would still be in this game. I will say that Brendon put up a fight in the Big Brother House. He just dug himself in too deep of a hole too early in the game.

While Britney may have been HOH this week; it was really Lane pulling the strings. Lane manipulated her to backdoor Matt, even though it was not in her best interest. Now, unbeknownst to her, it is her and Ragan against the three remaining Brigade members. She might have a small chance at making it to the end, but first she needs to realize what’s going on.

Enzo (aka Meow Meow)
Enzo is still my pick to win this entire game. He has been since week three. He has a tight alliance with Hayden and sub-alliances with Lane and Brendon. This week, during this week’s POV he proved just how bad he wanted to stay in this game. He may not have won, but it’s his determination that will get him through to the end.

Hayden made a grave mistake this week. Not necessarily in taking the prizes during the POV competition, but by telling Lane and Enzo. He may be allies with them now, but come final two, that is something that can definitely be held against you.

I really wanted Lane to turn on the Brigade, but it doesn’t look like that is ever going to happen. The fact that he still has Britney and the Brigade makes him the most powerful player in this game. However, I’m not sure if either Hayden or Enzo would take him with them to the final two.

Ragan is one of the smartest people in the house. He sees everything that is happening. The only problem is it may be too late. He is figuring everything out, as his position in this game is getting weaker. He is at the point where he must win competitions to stay in the house.

Question of the Week
Is it a rule now that Jesse has to be on every season of Big Brother? CBS can’t seem to get enough of that guy.

I’ll be back next week with some more strategic musings.

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