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Big Brother 12, Aug. 26 –Brigade Gets the Two Strongest Competitors Out

Julie points out last week he saw where he stood with the Brigade, so she asks him why he stayed loyal. He doesn’t think he did, but she points out he could have outed them but didn’t, or could have even joined up with Britney and Ragan. He wasn’t sure which side he wanted to align with and was going to try and ride this one more week to see. If he could do anything over again, it would have been last week’s comp. He threw Ragan under the bus because he was trying to play both sides. It was probably the thing he feels the worst about though.

It’s the first HoH of the night, and the only one aired. They will start off the comp with a question and the answer will be the names of two houseguests, and Enzo is out of his penguin suit. They have to race across the yard and search for the names in the packing peanuts, race back with the names one by one and be the first to buzz in. If they lock in the wrong names, they’ll be eliminated. The question is which two houseguests have held the title of HoH twice. That would be Matt and Rachel. There is a flurry of packing peanuts all over as it almost appears to be snowing there in California. Brendon is the first to return with a name, and Hayden is next, followed quickly by his second name and him buzzing in. He’s now the third person to win head of household twice.

Hayden strategizes with Brendon, and now Britney is up in his ear as well. It all depends which way Hayden goes, but certainly either way, Ragan will be on the block. Up for debate is wheher he puts up Britney or Brendon with him. They hold a three-guy Brigade meeting, and Brendon joins them, obvouisly not wanting to be thrown under the bus. It sounds like Hayden told him he’s going up, but that they’re voting out Ragan.

Julie gathers the houseguests and nominates Brendon and Ragan. Ragan feigns a “How dare you?” Hayden explains he promised Britney last week he wouldn’t put up either her or Lane, and they all know how he feels about Enzo, so he’s not going up either. If one of them wins PoV, though, he’ll have to put up Britney.

We rush to a live PoV competition, and Enzo once again has his penguin costume on. It’s a Before or After Q&A. Q1. Did they spin on a giant paint can before or after they went bowling down Lover’s Lane? Everyone is right with Before. Q2. In the HoH Hang Ten, did Andrew fall off before or after Kristen? Everyone gets it right, AFter. Q3. Did Matt call Brendon a Big Dummy in his pre-evicition speech before or after the ZingBot entered the house? Enzo is out. It was After.

Q4. Did Rachel win $5000 in the veto comp before or after she said “Bring it On” in her 2nd nomination ceremony? The correct answer is After and Brendon is out. Q5. Was the second saboteur message given to the house before or after Jeff and Jordan visited? Britney’s out. It was Before. Q6. Did Julie tell the houseguests to enjoy their one week break from slop before or after Rachel said “Floaters grab a life vest?” The correct answer is Before, and Ragan is the only one to get it correct, as he wins PoV, meaning he’ll take himself off the block. It could spell the end for Brendon

Britney is asking if she’s going up, but the guys are telling her she’s safe. Brendon pleads his case in the PoV ceremony, joking he forgot he didn’t tie his shoelaces before the competition, then out there realized he wasn’t wearing shoes at all, so he thinks that’s the true reason he didn’t win. Ragan says they’ve gone through ups and down, but he has respect for Brendon and the way he played the game, but he’s using the veto on himself. Hayden names Britney in his place.

Britney pleads her case and says she didn’t plan anything, but first and foremost, she loves and misses her whole family and Nick. She loves each and every one of them, and like Matty said, she couldn’t have spent a beter summer with anyone else. She adores them tand they’ll be friends forever, as she’ll stalking them on Facebook and texting.

Brendon tells his family and friends he misses them a lot, but like Britney says, it’s been an amazing experience, and while they’ve been at each other’s throats and wanted to kill each other, that’s what makes them a family, the dysfunction. He wouldn’t have traded it for the world, no matter how ti turns out.

Enzo is up to vote first and votes to evict Brendon, meaning it’ll be 3-0. Ragan votes the same, as does Lane. It’s unanimous. Brendon seems upset and a little surprised at the unanimous vote. He promises them to keep the door open as long as he can on his way out, and does.

Brendon isn’t too shocked to be sitting here, as he had a feeling. As much as you want to trust everyone in the house, in the back of your head you aren’t sure whether they’re telling the truth. If he was up against Ragan, he thinks Ragan would have gone. He’s not sure, though, as it’s just crazy that he’s even out there right now. He’s really not too sure who was against him and who wasn’t, claiming that his brains went out the window the moment he walked into the house. Would that be when he met Rachel? His game became “his” game once Rachel left, but he was still voting for the both of them. It was easier for everyone else, but harder for him. He’s waiting to get serious with her.

I have to disagree with Brendon a little here. It has to be the Brigade playing the best. Of course, he doesn’t really know about the Brigade, but still. Hayden has won two HoHes, yet Lane and Enzo haven’t won anything. They’re all still here in final five, seemingly unscathed. Britney has had to win HoH and a couple PoVs in order to stick around. Had she not won PoV early on, she most likely would have left instead of Monet. It’s all going to make for an interesting week as we prepare to cut down to a final four and a much smaller table.

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