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Big Brother 12, Aug. 26 –Brigade Gets the Two Strongest Competitors Out

It’s going to be a fun one tonight … are you ready? Either way, a big player in the game, and one of the Brigade, is going home tonight, either Matt or Enzo. I mean at least one, as it’s double elimination night, meaning another HoH, more nominations, another PoV, another PoV ceremony, and another eviction. And the way this house has been this week, it’s going to be a good one.
After Britney nominated Matt last week, he talks about counting on the Brigade to save him and get Ragan up on the block, but now that he’s up there for the third time, “I gotta pull another rabbit out of my hat.” Britney admits she was considering putting up Hayden, but once Matt threw his best friend under the bus, it was a new low, even for him. Enzo is pretty sure Matt is on his way home, as they’re getting rid of everyone they don’t trust.

Britney apologized to Ragan, and he tells her he’s honestly more upset about being thrown under the bus than he is about his best friend being on the block. He knows it’s a game, but he would have never done that to him. Matt asks if he’s available to talk, and he says no, because he just got done betraying him. However, it did wake him up to realize it is a game, and he needs to put his feelings aside and figure out what he needs to do to win. Matt asks Britney how Ragan’s doing, reminding her she’s a girl, and can probably tune it in better than he can. She doesn’t want Matt to know she was the one who ratted him out.

Matt knows it’s BS and figures it out that Britney told Ragan he was throwing him under the bus. If Ragan’s mad at him, he probably won’t vote for him. He needs three votes, and if he doesn’t at least get the one he was counting on, he’s in trouble. Matt decides just to play stupid to Ragan and just pretend like he was just doing anything he could to save himself. Matt points out that everyone has been saying how the two of them were together, and that’s an even bigger concern to Ragan, as he doesn’t want the others thinking he’s been making a ton of deals and bullying people for votes.

Ragan then goes to Enzo, Hayden, Lane, and Brendon and tells him he’s had some people say he was hardcore campaigning to keep Matt in the house last week, and that wasn’t what he was doing. He never made threats, and he was just trying to keep someone he cares about in the house. Enzo says he and Hayden were just talking about splitting their votes for Matt, and suddenly Ragan is doing another ah-ha, realizing they were already in an alliance and didn’t want to show favoritism.

Matt goes to Ragan who tells him he’s figured out the boys are working together, and that at one point he was a part of it. Matt says he never detected there was an alliance going on, and he finds it hard to believe there’s something more to it. Matt decides to try and use that to his advantage with the votes. He tells Lane and Hayden that they need to do something to keep the Brigade strong, as Ragan is already onto them.

Hayden says the Brigade controls everyone except Ragan, so they might need Matt to control Ragan, yet, on the flip side, how do they know it wasn’t Matt who told Ragan about the Brigade to begin with? If he only knew it was none other than Kristen, he’d be quite shocked. Now they just need to figure out if they trust Matt or not. Ragan knows if he’s going to stay here he has to study and work as hard as he can to break things up. While Matt claims there is no guys’ alliance, Ragan knows that isn’t true and that he has to bring this alliance down.

Julie addresses the houseguests live tonight and tells them they’re about to experience a week’s worth of Big Brother tonight. Within the hour, two of them will be headed to the jury house.

Enzo starts things off with his last plea to stay, albeit while wearing the penguin suit, and says first off Happy Anniversary to his beautiful wife Joella, and tells his Baby G he misses her. It’s the first time he’s on the block after 49 ays, and it’s the worst week, as he’s also a Have Not and has no clothes. He wants to be here and prove himself and unshun himself, throw some people under the bus and backstab. Whatever he said in the DR, he doesn’t want anyone to take it to heart, as he threw grenades at everybody. It sucks to be up against Matty who’s been a cool dude to him.

Matt now has to try and follow that. He says he’s been here three times and has nothing more to say. It’s a hard choice between a penguin and a gremlin, and they’re the best family he could have had this summer. As for his real family, he missed them and hopes he doesn’t disappointment him. He wants everyone to backstab, too, and says he also talked plenty of crap about everyone.

It’s time for the live voting. Brendon is up first, and at the risk of sounding like Chenbot, it would be a shock if he voted out Enzo. He gladly votes out Matt. Hayden votes for Matt as well, as do Ragan and Lane. My homeboy (he’s from my hometown) is headed to the jury with a vote of 4-0. He gets hugs from everyone, which is nice, and promises to do some drinking tonight.

Julie asks Matt what happened, and he explains they all hashed it out before he left, so it’s cool. He knew it was coming, and they knew his heart was with them, so it’s all good. Julie asks him about throwing the last HoH, and he admits iti was a bad decision and probably his worst. He was overconfident. He came in with the strategy to never throw a comp, but it bit him in the rear. He wanted to play in this upcoming one instead, and now he won’t get a chance.


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