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Project Runway, Aug. 19 – The Mad Hatter

April tells the judges that she liked the futuristic look of the hat. She played with the lines by using different textures of black. Michael says she had had the right category, but was too literal in the execution. The diaper is ill-fitting and looks like three days’ worth of underwear. He also hates the big black zipper. Nina likes the top, but thinks April sold the rest of her design short. Philip thinks it’s all rather weak.

Valerie wanted to play with hard and soft. Heidi calls the result one of her favorites. She likes the zipper in the back and thinks the whole outfit is well-made. Michael likes the geometrical hem. Nina believes the mischievous quality of the mask has been well translated into the dress. Philip praises her construction, but doesn’t understand the design itself.

After that, the judges dismiss the designers, who commiserate with their fellows backstage. Everybody is shocked to hear that the judges disliked Christopher’s outfit. They’re even more shocked to hear how much they’d liked Michael C.’s outfit. April starts crying about her critique.

The judges start with the bottom three. Christopher made his model look leaden. Kristin’s look simply never came together. The happy hat did not go with the black dress. April’s shorts were horrible, but she’d made a decent jacket. The judges also gave her points for not playing it safe by making a dress.

Onto the designers they did like. Michael C.’s design looked effortless and he avoided making everything matchy-matchy. Except for Philip, the judges liked Valerie’s well-made dress and bolero. Michael D.’s look showed an originality.

The judges have made their decision. Valerie is in, while Michael C. is the winner. Michael D. and Christopher are both in, leaving Kristin and April in the bottom two. Kristin is sent home, while April gets to stay.

Next week: Team challenge.

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