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Project Runway, Aug. 19 – The Mad Hatter

Gretchen had a beige hat decorated with what looks like pheasant feathers to work with. She also thought “diaphanous” and “floaty,” as she made a short beige dress with a dark brown belt. She added tan leggings and thigh-high boots to the ensemble.

Kristin was saddled with the orchid hat. She made a black dress interspersed with strips of magenta fabric. It looks messy and I’m not sure if black was the best color choice.

Michael D. got a hat shaped like an inverted palmier or elephant’s ear cookie. As it’s also a kind of off-white, he made a beige top with large shoulders and a very exposed neck. He added a crinkled orange skirt and a thin gold belt to the ensemble.

Valerie’s black hat actually looks more like a mask with some stiff mesh attached to it. She made a short red dress and a tiny white bolero decorated with a couple of black zippers. A.J. got a tan hat in some abstract, curving shape. He made a black and white polka dot dress to go with it.

Andy had a tall oval white hat with a black decoration. He made a matching magenta dress and jacket. Ivy had a (comparatively) small pink hat with an abstract flower on it. She made a white skirt and an off-white jacket belted with a matching sash. April got a pointed, pink and white hat. She made white booty shorts, which really do look like a diaper. In order to preserve the model’s modesty, she made slightly longer shorts in black and pink and added a sleeveless black top.

Christopher got a tall black hat made of some stiff mesh. He made a sleeveless black and silver minidress with a collar and exposed neck. He also made silver-grey leggings. Peach got a black and white feather headdress for her hat– and decided to make a paisley, pink and white minidress. The material looks something my grandmother would have liked– for her sofa.

Casanova got a tall hat shaped a bit like a tear drop. Most of it is made of stiff black mesh – except for the bright green teardrop in the middle. He made a little black dress with mid-length sleeves. Last up is Mondo, who got a hat apparently made of bright red feathers. He made black pants with big white polka dots, a leopardskin belt, and a sleeveless purple top that looks like it could double as a vest.

Heidi calls April, Christopher, Michael C., Michael D., Valerie, and Kristin. She congratulates the other designers and tells them they are safe. They go back to speculate which of their peers will win and who will be sent home. Most of them think Christopher will be the winner, while April, Valerie, and Michael C. are believed to be most at risk.

The judges start with Michael D., who tells them that he wanted an architectural outfit inspired by armor. Philip loves the shoulders and thinks Michael D. had thought about the hat’s shape. Heidi likes the skirt, which Michael D. admits is just a tube that had had crinkles ironed into it. Nina thinks the open back complements the hat beautifully.

Kristin had also wanted to make an architectural dress. She chose black, but wanted to give it a solid pop of color. Michael says the orchid is a sexy flower, but he sees no correlation between the dress and the hat at all. Nor does he like color of the dress. Heidi thinks it looks unplanned, and Kristin responds that she’d wanted a flowing dress. Philip likes the concept, but thinks the dress needs to look more fragile.

Christopher loved his hat’s hard angles, and he wanted to do something reminiscent of Parisian fashion. He also wanted a soft and rounded look. Heidi doesn’t like it, and says it’s too dark and sad. Michael comments that not even a model can wear those leggings. He adds that the coat looks like drapes. Nina fells it’s stiff and overly designed. Also, the fabric is too heavy. Philip comments that simplicity would have been more beautiful.

Michael C. loved the playfulness of his hat and wanted to incorporate that into his look. He also wanted a fabric that went with the hat. Michael likes it because it’s harmonious without being matchy-matchy. She looks like the goddess of the sea – without looking like she’s wearing a costume. Nina praises his color scheme, while Heidi thinks the dress is beautiful. Philip thinks Michael C. did an exceptional job.