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Top Chef: DC – Episode 9 Commentary – Tougher Than A Post In Yemen

Moby – Rockfish with Fava Bean Puree, Ramp Fondue and Sautéed Squid. Moby keeps up his puree fetish. Wylie wants to know if it is cooked or raw. Not good when you can’t figure that out! Moby calls it “slowly melted.”

Tiffany – Fish Stew with Hominy, Fava Beans, Saffron and Black Garlic Wylie really likes the broth.

Kelly – Yucatecan Seafood Stew with Black Garlic, Fava Beans, and Grilled Ramps. Wylie comments on the spiciness.

Amanda – Crispy Skin Striped Bass, Squid Fricassee, Leek and Mushroom Fondue. Wylie wants to know if it made with butter or oil, she says it used both.

Sbarro – Pan Seared Rockfish, Hominy Puree, Jicama and Passion Fruit Salad. Wylie again is curious about the spice, and Kevin attributes it to the red pepper flakes in the marinade.

Ed – Rockfish Sashimi with Hominy-Basil Puree and Grilled Squid Marinade. Wylie really liked it.

Angelo – Smoky Hominy Pot-au-Feu, Squid, Rockfish Tataki and Passion Fruit Gel. Angelo stammers his way through and awkward explanation of this dish. Hard for me to get excited about eating gel.

Bottom Two
Moby – I know, stunning. Wylie liked the signature puree, but not the rest of the components together
Amanda – again, stunning. It was oily and not crispy.

Top Two
Tiffany – Wylie liked how she was able to integrate everything.
Sbarro – Wylie thought the puree was clever and the fish cooked really well. Sbarro seems to be quite the expert at cooking fish.

Winner – Tiffany She continues to roll and adds another $10,000 High Stakes Quickfire win to her total.

Elimination challenge – CIA agents need to have a secret life and be able to stealthy create new identities. Chefs are to cook a classic dish, but disguise its identity. They will be serving it to Wylie, the judges and CIA Director Leon Panetta and staff at CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA. Padma only says the chef’s name – the diners will have to guess the dish. The CIA staff only gets first names – one assumes to protect their identity. On National TV. Whatever. Tiffany is looking forward to cooking for “real guys in black suits.”