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Big Brother 12, Aug. 18 and 19 – Never Underestimate the Power of the Pretzel

They’ve all been in the hosue for 48 days, and if he could have his mother send him one thing from home, Lane would have her send him Muscle Milk, as he’s tired of the soy protein. Julie asks what Muscle Milk tastes like, as he says it’s like Thanksgiving food in milk, and Julie decides to pass. T

Everyone is asked if they believe the Saboteur is still in the house, and they all raise their hands. Julie confirms they are sitting amongst the Saboteur, but their reign of terror is officially over.

We go to the home town of Britney to watch her family. Her mom says she walked to the beat of her own drum. She was in pageants, theater, piano, and was quite differnet from the normal around there. Her mom can’t decide whether her relationship with Lane is just friends or something else, but she’ll support her wherever it goes. She thinks he has a crush on Britney, but that she’s holding back, and Lane’s loyalty is mostly with the Brigade.

Next we head to Lane’s hometown, and his mom says if you looked up Lane in the dictionary, it would say, “Meathead jock who loves puppies.”He firts into a small town ccountry boy role, but he’s edgy and so complex. She thinks he really likes Britney, so it wouldn’t surprise her to have him bring her home. His brother knows when he’s interested in someone, he goes after it, so he’s a little surprised he hasn’t hooked up with Britney yet. He thinks he might be confused wether he should align with the Brigade or Britney, but he does think he would like there to be a romance while there.

Matt is up first to give his last plea, and we all know what he’s going to say. He tells Brendon it’s no secett he’s been on his radar, but isn’t sure why. He gathers from his convoluted veto speech that it has something to do with his girfrlend who isn’t even there anymore. Whether it’s that, him having the inability to make his own decisions, or relying on past houseguest’s pretzel messages, either way, here he sits on teh block like a chump ready to go home, knowing Brendon is beaming with delight, as well as he should be.

Matt congratulates Brendon for coming so close to achieving his goal, but “better luck next time Big Dummy,” as he’s using the diamond power of veto to save himself from the block. Julie officially confirms Matt received that when he opened Pandora’s box. Kathy looks happy, Britney looks shocked. Suddly Kathy isn’t happy relaizing she’s in danger. Brendon and Ragan are safe. Matt names his replacement nominee, saying the only person he wants up there he can’t put up, but at this time, he needs to get the house as competitive as possible to fight for competitions, so he’s putting Kathy up there, and they switch places.

Lane stands up to make his last plea, and says hi to his family. He notes living with eveyone in the house would be impossible without everyone as they are his second family. It sucked being on the block against a friend, and now another friend. He has nothing bad to say about Kathy. Kathy loves everyone there and has had an awesome time. She tells Matt it’s okay, and he had to do what he needed to do. There’s no one there she hasn’t learned from and everyone there makes her smile. She stands there and keeps her integrity and her morals and values and will continue to do so, and if it gets her kicked out, she neds to be the one to go.

Hayden is up first to vote and votes for Kathy, as do Enzo, Ragan, Matt, and Britney. It’s official that Kathy is voted out unanimously. She hugs everyone goodbye and tells them all to take care of her fish and feed them twice a day.

Kathy tells Julie it’s messed up, and she feels like she didn’t have a chance to fight. She thinks Matt put her up because he’s closer with Britney and Ragan and the other guys, and she’s kind of the outcast because of her age. The 5-0 vote doesn’t hurt her, as she knows the house sticks together, and she’s been the only one to vote on her own. It hurts she hasn’t had a chance to say goodbye to anyone, and that’s because she loves everyone. It really is okay with Matt, and it’s just how she is. She was the first to fall off the veto competition this week, but she did fall off and wasn’t throwing it.

Yesterday, Big Brother put a unique twist on Simon Says. How well they listened could be the difference in them winning PoV or not. They’re told to leisurely stroll to the backyard, get down on their hands and knees, and howl at the moon. They then need to TP the HoH room in the most decorative ashion. Next, they need to hop over to the kitchen and do twelve of their very best jumping jacks. Next up is a giant group hung for two minutes., followed by holding a handstand for five seconds.

The HoH competition is going to be a quiz based on the commands Big Brother gave them in the Simon Says. It’s true or false. Q1 talks about the houseguests jumping over to the living room to do jumping jacks, when indeed it was the kitchen, so it’s false. Hayden and Ragan are out right away. Q2 is True, but Matt is the only one to say False. He’s out, and from his motions to the camera, he threw it. Q3. It was howl at the moon, not bark, and they all get it right that it was False. Q4 is False, as Big Brother had said to TP in their most decorate fashion. Lane is out. It’s between Enzo and Britney. Q5 is False and they’re both right. Q6 is True, but they both say false. Q7n is True, and Britney gets it right, while Enzo gets it wrong. Britney is the new HoH.

For the next Have Not Food we have the choice of

1. Artichokes and Anchovies

2. Broccoli and Bean Dip

3. Prunes and Pimento Loaf

You know everyone is going to choose Aticholkes and Anchovies.

While the houseguests thought it would be a double eviction week this week, it’s coming up next week. We’ll have two separate HoHes, two evictions, and a veto all in one episode. At this point, it’s certain anything could happen.

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