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Big Brother 12, Aug. 18 and 19 – Never Underestimate the Power of the Pretzel

Ragan is the next up talking with the number of deals he made, saying he’s made a number of deals and many of them are BS, but he needs to be seen now as just Brendon, instead of Brenchel. There is one person who has not lied to Brendon and not thrown a single competition. Given a choice of the two, he tells Brendon if Britney goes up, there’s no question she’ll go home. If Matt goes up against Lane, there’s a huge possibility Matt stays in the game. He makes good points to Brendon, who has to weigh his options.

The houseguests get another Saboteur message. He tells them there’s a competition tomorrow and that they all need to get their sleep. They go to bed and are woken up by the Saboteur, expecting a competition, but get another message, and another, and another, etc., all night long. Finally, around 6:30, the Saboteur tells them he hopes they got a good night’s sleep. There is no competition. Ragan says it kept everyone up in a paranoid state all night of freakatonia.

Ragan is happy to have won PoV, but can’t shake the feeling it’s a Catch-22. If he uses it, one of his closest friends in the house, either Matt or Britney will go up in his place. He announces of course he’s using it on himself in the meeting. Brendon has to make a replacement nominee and says he needs to make the decision based on what’s right for himself and Rachel. He chooses Matt.

Ragan feels somewhat responsible for this, and Enzo calls it the worst to happen, as two Brigade members are on the block, but it might be time for Matty to get whacked, and they might need to size him up for cement shoes. Britney is feeling relieved, and Lane is saying Matt is no longer a brother and more a step brother. Matt doesn’t care one bit, as he has the Diamond Power of Veto and gets to name a replacement nominee.

After Matt goes up on the block, Lane says it sucks as he’s another Brigade member. This week, though, they’re enemies, and Lane needs the votes to stay in the house. Brendon knows Rachel wanted revenge on the people that sent her home, and Matt was the most reponsbile. Lane was just a pawn. When Rachel sees Matt walk through the door of the jury house, she’ll know that he loves her and is keeping his promise. Enzo says it wasn’t supposed to happen with two Brigade members on the block at the same time. He and Hayden might ahve to vote out Matty over Lane, as he’s getting real close to Ragan and Britney, and he thinks he can trust Lane more.

Ragan can’t imagine being in this house without Matt. He does feel a great amount of affection for Matt, and it’s really bittersweet to take himself off the block, only to see Matt go up, as he’s playing for his wife who has a really rare bone disease. It makes him want to sob. He tells Matt he has to stay and has fought to stay and deserves to be here more. Matt feels bad for him , but he can’t tell anybody about it, so he has to pretend to be all mopey like his “wife got diagnosed with another pretend disease.” He knows he has been a sitting duck all week and can only work on his social game. Ragan just wants to see the look on Brendon’s face if he stays. Matt winks at the camera.

Matt asks Hayden and Enzo if they’ll tell him if he’s the one going home. As he says in the DR, it gives him a chance to scope out the Brigade a little. If he gets a sense they’ll vote for Lane over him, he might just find a new alliance. Enzo says he had an idea Matt was going up no matter what. Hayden tells Matt the problem was Rachel left him a note in pretzels, thanks to info he received from Kathy. Knowing now that Kathy knew about the pretzel message and didn’t tell Matt right away, means he can’t trust her, and means she’s his main target to replace him on the block.

Lane asks Enzo if Matt tried coming to him yet, and Enzo says he can’t vote for Matty, as now he’s always with Ragan, and he has to do what’s right for himself and the Brigade. Himself and hayden are two votes, and he only needs three. He thinks he’ll have Britney’s as well, so there’s his three. Enzo moves on to telling Matt that is sucks, as Matt says he doesn’t want to let the wifey down, so he’s just keeping his hopes up. Enzo calls it the toughest decision for him, and asks if he goes, wouldn’t Matt still want one of the Brigade to win. That should be another warning flag to Matt, and it is. He knows he controls his options in the game, so we’ll see how he plays it.

We know Ragan has a secret too, as he’s the Saboteur. One suggestion from the viewers is for him to leave a note somewhere in the house that says, “I know your secret.” Ragan kind of likes it, as it reminds hm nof a horror film, and the house is kind of like a haunted house. After Kathy makes the beds, Ragan goes and sneaks a note under a pillow. With Kathy sleeping with the sock monkey in the bed next to him, Enzo goes in to get ready for bed and finds the note. He worries people will think he’s in a secret alliance and knows the Saboteur is coming after the Meow Meow.

Enzo shows Kathy, and then goes to show Hayden, as well as everyone else in the house, except Brendon. With Kathy still in her own bed, Enzo addresses the others, questioning why Kathy chose to make his bed today. He compares the situation to the end of a Scooby Doo episode where they find out the governor was the ghost or whatever. In this case the sheriff was the Saboteur. He thinks the S it’s signed with stands for Sheriff and wants a Scooby Snack for his brilliance.

The group questions how someone with such lack of physical skills could be Sheriff. Matt’s happy with this as if he replaces himself with her on the block, he’ll have potentially gotten out the Saboteur. Enzo questions why Kathy made up the pretzel message herself and said Rachel did it. Ragan is thrilled no one is consdering that he could be the Saboteur. His final act of Sabotage is a success and he’s still there, so he thanks us for making him $20,000 richer.

Going live to the house, Julie Chen goes to Britney first, asking what it was like to see Rachel again. Britney says it was surreal and she was actually sleeping when she came in, so she wasn’t even sure it was really happening. And once she realized it was real was when it all let loose. Ragan and Rachel went toe to toe, which Julie calls a bold move and asks if he has any regrets. Ragan says absolutely not, as his integrity is not for sale. If he sees someone taunting him or trying to bully him, he will respond. Being quiet is not worth $500,000.


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