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Big Brother 12, Aug. 18 and 19 – Never Underestimate the Power of the Pretzel

Ragan tells Matt and Britney it feels good to win something finally. He doesn’t care how it’s done, he just wants both of them there. But if either of the others do go up, they can get the votes. He thinks Kathy should go before any of them. He tells Britney that there is no way either himself or Matt would ever screw her over. He thinks the world of Britney and that she’s a kind, beautiful, intelligent human being, and he really loves her. He thinks Matt is a standup, amazing guy, and he couldn’t ask for two better friends.

Hayden tells Enzo the worst thing that could happen is if Brendon puts up Matt. Enzo says, though, that if Matt does go home, he and Hayden are looking better and better. Hayden hasn’t told anyone how he really feels about Matt. He’s competitive, wins competitions, and is smart. Ragan and Britney have his back, and there are votes on the other side of the house they don’t have. They’re all snakes, and he’s the head of the snake. Hayden tells Enzo if Matt goes home, the two of them are looking a lot better.

Brendon goes into the HoH and finds Pandora’s Box. He gets two choices and chooses one that tells him it will release something good or bad upon the rest of the house. Paradise is calling his name. Ocean breezes, tropical drinks at sunset, poolside massages and a feast fit for a king. He is asked how about a trip for two, and to remember with every temptation comes a consequence. He looks on the video screen and sees Rachel. He’s definitely going for it for a chance to see her.

Walking into the Box, Brendon finds a card telling him he’s going to be whisked away to Malibu for 24 hours. He can’t believe he gets to see Rachel. He puts the blindfold on and leaves. The doorbell rings, and everyone rushes to answer it. In through the door walks Rachel, saying, “I’m back, Bitches.” Britney wants to throw up on herself. The house has been nice and calm, and here comes the fricking hurricane screwing things up. She tells them someone opened Pandora’s Box, and they now have to deal with her for 24 hours. She swears at Ragan and tells him he has to be nice to her. He says he’d think of it as an honor if she didn’t vote for him in final two.

Rachel is so excited to be back for 24 hours and gets to ask everyone anything she wants, as they can’t evict her again. More than that, she gets to see Brendon. She runs to the HoH and calls for him. Britney asks if he maybe opened a Pandora’s Box and is now locked in there for 24 hours while it released Rachel.

Ragan zings Rachel right away, and she counters telling him as much as he didn’t want to be part of the nerd herd, he is. He tells “Ra-tress” to get them a drink. Enzo is sitting back and letting them duke it out. Ragan tells her if she had come in with a modicum of class, treating people with dignity and respect, she could have had a nice 24 hours. Instead, she came in the same way she left, and everyone dislikes her. She asks if everyone dislikes and is told by Enzo he’s friends with everyone, and that’s the only comment she hears back.

Britney asks Rachel about the jury house, and Enzo asks her if she has teqiula there. She asks who’s on the block, and Ragan says he is, which she says is a shock and asks if he’ll be joining her in the jury house. He tells her he won PoV, and she makes fun of him only winning on thing so far. She asks he if has to be a big bitch because he’s gay. He says it’s because she’s a monster. They continue to go back and forth. He tells her ultimately the game is about how you treat other people, but she tells him it’s not; it’s a game.

The others try to get Brendon out of Pandora’s Box and Kathy suggests they go outside and see if there’s any clues to where he is. They find nothing, and that’s because he’s in Malibu. He gets told while he’s enjoying his vacation here, Rachel is enjoying her vacation somewhere else. He misses her, but lives it up with the pool, massages, good food, etc.

Rachel announces she’s going to make cookies and asks Britney and Ragan if they want some. She and Ragan share more words. He tells her everything about her is a lie, and the only thing honest is the pimples on her chin. He tells the Wicked Witch to get on her broom and fly away. She tells him his gameplay sucks, but he points out she was eliminated and is only here because her boyfriend chose Pandora’s Box. He hurls more insults, then says the intention she wants is not won with negative behavior, but from treating people with decency and respect. She will get what is coming to her, he promises.

Rachel breaks open a bag of pretzels and leaves a message for Brendon in his HoH room. “MATT.” He thinks this would be a strategic game move, as Matt will try to pit people against Brendon. Additionally. he got rid of both her and Andrew, Brendon’s two strongest allies. She walks in to say goodbye to the others and shows it to Kathy, telling her to make sure he sees the pretzel message. Kathy goes and tells Enzo and Hayden.

Brendon comes back in and sees the message, along with another one that Rachel left, “I [heart] U.” He was having a difficult time deciding which one to put up, Matt or Britney, but Rachel’s message made the decision that much easier. He tells her he loves her too. He comes out and hears from the others Rachel was there, but basically he knew that. He never got a chance to meet up with her, though. He’s told by the others it was a little crazy.

Brendon is right back in the game, having to make a replacement nominee. For him it comes down to someone who he hopes keeps their word in Britney, and Matt, who he knows won’t. Britney had assured him before nominations if he didn’t put her up, she wouldn’t put him up next week. He double checks with her to make sure she’ll still honor that, and she tells him he needs to confide in her 100%. She will promises him anything to spare herself. He asks her to put it on her and her fiance’s relationship.


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