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Big Brother 12, Aug. 18 and 19 – Never Underestimate the Power of the Pretzel

It’s another one of those weeks where I’m combining Wednesday and Thursday’s recaps. When are you going to move Big Brother back to Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, it’s rightful spots, CBS?
Lane and Ragan were put up by the new HoH Brendon, the last we saw on Big Brother. That’s an interesting choice, as it assures us of breaking up probably another pair in the house, and might even unknowingly make a crack in the Brigade. Brendon is going to make sure that those that didn’t send him home like he was requesting regret it.

Ragan is devastated to be nominated, saying he’s about to have a level five full blown meltdown. There’s a lot on the line for him, and he’s not about to go home at the hands of someone who plays so horrendously as Brendon. Lane doesn’t know why he’s up with Ragan, or why he’s even up. He thinks Brendon has lost it. His brain is with Rachel, but he left his body there in the house, as he can’t think.

Brendon put up Lane as a pawn, to insure Ragan goes home. He nominated Ragan as he definitely played a part in Rachel going home. Britney and Matt are also his enemies in the house, but at least they fight to be here. Neither one of the nominees have experienced the need to fight to stay in the game. Britney thinks the nominations are just part of the bigger plan. He doesn’t think he wants to evict either Ragan or Lane, leaving her worried about being backdoored. Only after the PoV ceremony is over will she feel safe.

Ragan is crying in the Have Not room, running scenarios. His best case scenario is if he wins the Power of Veto, yet if he does, one of his best friends goes home. He tells himself it’s his opportunity to shine and that it’s just Big Brother. Brendon goes in and apologizes to Lane, telling him he’s not the target and if nominations stay the same, he’ll stay. If Ragan comes off, Matt or Britney goes home. Of course, this isn’t a good situation for Lane either, as he’s aligned with both of those people.

When it’s time to pick players for the veto competition, only two people won’t be playing. Ragan knows if he doesn’t win, he’s pretty sure he’ll be evicted, and then he won’t get $20,000 for his acts of Sabotage. Lane knows he’s not the target, but promises he’ll win and Brendon will realize it’s the worst mistake he could have made.

Brendon picks Enzo, who says he and the PoV bag are tight. He has to take one of these things down. Number one, if he wins, he knows he’s safe. Number two, if he doesn’t use it, Ragan is up there against a Brigade member, and he’s going home. Ragan picks Kathy, certainly not who he wanted, and Lane gets Houseguest Choice and picks Hayden. For Brendon it couldn’t be better, as the two he trusts the least, Matt and Britney, aren’t playing. If Ragan wins, he still has two people to pick from. Ragan is distraught, as if he doesn’t win, all these acts of Sabotage will have been for nothing.

The Zing-Bot enters, a huge robt that looks more like a huge pickle. It starts throwing out zingers, telling Lane they say everything’s big with him except his brain. He tells them all to follow him to the backyard and find the PoV competition waiting fro them, puzzle pieces, a balance beam, and rotating platform. They have to get one puzzle piece at a time, walk over the balance beam, and use the pieces to spell out “veto.” If they fall off the beam or platform, they’re out.

Lane is trying his hardest to win this veto so that Ragan doesn’t pull himself off the block, otherwise there could be two Brigade members up. Ragan calls it 10,000% a do or die position for him. He’s confident he’ll be evicted if he doesn’t win. Kathy comments that she’s going to take her time, and Britney jokes later about it in the DR, saying, just take your time with it, as it’s not a race or anything.

Once the competition starts, Ragan is trying to follow the old rule of putting the border of the puzzle together first. Kathy doesn’t even ride on merry-go-rounds, as her balance is just not good. Lane says it’s not hard to stay up on the platform. They do this in Texas; it’s called do-si-do. Brendon keeps his eye on Ragan, seeing that he’s in the lead, as he get s aV first. Enzo knows he’s looking for that one extra piece that doesn’t fit. The Zing-Bot tells him, “Meow Meow. We always hear about you dropping grenades, but we’ve only seen you bomb competitions.” Enzo shoots back he’s a big bitch of a tin can and is lucky he doesn’t recycle him.

Britney is depending on Hayden, Enzo, and Kathy to win to keep the nominations the same, asking if it could get any worse. Ragan now has a V and E finished. Brendon knows Ragan is strong in this, but also thinks he can beat him. To do this, he has to pattern his puzzles after Ragan’s. Ragan knows Brendon thinks he’s the smartest person there, but he’s only as strong as the person he’s cheating off of. “Zing.” Matt is sitting out for another competition with his three boys up there, and compares them to the three buffoons. The only person doing worse than the Brigade is Kathy, which he calls a sad statement. She falls off, and is out. Britney couldn’t be more frustrated with her.

Ragan now has the V, E, and T done. He can tell by the pieces the O takes the shape of the veto symbol. He finishes it swiftly. He wins the PoV and is so happy, as it means he stays in the game, and that it’s a $20,000 veto. He doesn’t know any other player in the game who can make that claim. Brendon still has two enemies, Britney and Matt, but it’s still not an easy decision. Britney wants to stay as far as way as she possibly can, and doesn’t want to have to go be chummy with Brendon. Lane says it can’t be any worse, as there’s a possibility of a second Brigade member going up on the block.


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