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Project Runway, Aug. 12 – It's My Party …

Kristin made a yellow and green dress with a striped, multi-colored halter. April made a black and silver minidress. Its one shoulder strap is decorated with barbed projections of some kind and just looks strange. Sarah made a blue and grey minidress decorated with cardboard palm fronds pointing down. Valerie was last up and sent down her black and white napkin skirt, which was heavily pleated. The black top doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination, but still looks nice.

Heidi then calls Peach, Michael C., Ivy, Michael D., Mondo, Kristin, Christopher, and April. She congratulates them and tells them that they have qualified to move on to the next round. The other six designers have the highest and lowest scores between them. Backstage, the safe designers discuss who is likely to win and who is at risk. They believe that A.J., Casanova, and Sarah will be in the bottom.

The judges start with Valerie, who had used 600 napkins for her look. She also made a white cuff that looks like lucite. Michael says the model looks like a modern girl, but that it’s obvious the accessory was a last-minute job. The skirt is beautifully cut. Nina loves how Valerie had played with graphics, while Betsy loves the design. She jokes that Valerie would be the go-to girl at any party with messy food. Heh. Heidi says the outfit is super sexy.

A.J. tells the judges that he was inspired by New York City club kids. He’d made his accessory, a necklace, out of cupcake foils. Heidi likes the necklace, but thinks his “everything in the store” dress looks silly. Nina comments that while camp is okay, A.J.’s dress is a hot mess. Michael says the dress has no shape. Moreover, it doesn’t go far enough to look unintentional, and it isn’t well-cut enough to be intentional. Also, the beaded fringe at the crotch makes Michael cringe. Betsey wishes he’d taken the party aspect of the dress further.

Andy announces that his dress is made completely out of ribbons, plus the muslin base. He created a shiny, leather-like material using braided ribbon. He used balloons to make a glove. Michael calls his transformations of the materials “exciting.” He can see Rihanna and Heidi fighting over the dress, and Heidi pipes up that she saw it first. Heh. Nina calls the dress remarkable, but Betsey says the dress is too beautiful to be fun. It is well-executed and wearable, though.

Casanova considers himself a couturier, but says that it’s hard to make a couture dress out of tablecloths and posters. He’d used stuffed animals to make the wrap and had made silver earrings for his accessories. Michael compliments his workmanship, but finds his taste questionable. He says the model looks like a “transvestite flamenco dancer at a funeral.” Betsey loves the different ideas in the front and the back. Heidi also likes the back, but says a few things went wrong.

Sarah had used grey plastic table liner and painted cardboard palm trees. Nina thinks it looks like a cardboard dress for paper dolls. Ouch. Heidi says the dress looks sad. Michael doesn’t see an idea beyond trying to make the palm trees work. Betsey calls it a mish-mosh that is not funny.

Last up is Gretchen, who explains how she’d made her outfit out of garlands and paper bags. She also points out the bracelet she’d made from balloons and ribbons. Nina calls the outfit fabulous, even if the skirt is too long for the boots. It still has a cool vibe. Michael says it’s Gretchen. Betsey sees Tina Turner on the bottom and Mel Gibson on the top. Neither Betsey nor Heidi like the boots, though.

The judges dismiss everybody to have their chat. The six designers go backstage to talk with the safe designers.

The judges start with the designers they didn’t like. Casanova, despite his pretensions of being a couturier, has no taste. He did have some good ideas, though. Sarah didn’t do anything except use a palm tree she should have either pitched or embellished. At least she understood her dress wasn’t good, unlike the delusional Casanova. A.J’s pink outfit wasn’t well-made and looked like a piñata that had exploded.

Onto the designers they did like. Valerie’s dress was well-made, and it was sexy without being vulgar. Andy’s dress was also beautifully made, and Gretchen was the only one who had made separates. They were, of course, well-made.

The judges call the six designers back in to announce their decision. Valerie is in, while Andy is the winner. Gretchen and A.J. are both in, leaving Casanova and Sarah in the bottom two. Casanova is in, and Sarah is out.

Later that evening, Ivy passes out in the hall at Atlas Apartments. When the ambulance comes, Ivy tells them that her problem is simple exhaustion, but Valerie worries she could be pulled from the contest for medical reasons.

Next week: Learn Ivy’s fate. Plus, the designers need to create a look that goes with a Philip Treacy hat– and said hats look like something Dr. Suess might have conjured up.

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