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Project Runway, Aug. 12 – It's My Party …

Tim also likes the color of Michael C.’s dress. Sarah tells us Michael C.’s dress will eat hers for breakfast. Tim loves Sarah’s palette. He congratulates Gretchen on her second win, and she shows him the skirt she’s making with silver and gold garlands. She’s considering making a faux leather jacket out of black bags and Tim tells her to go for it.

Finally, Tim stops by Casanova, who is confused by the fact that the judges don’t like table cloths, which is what he’s using. Tim explains that the challenge is supposed to be making clothes out of unconventional materials, and a tablecloth is too much like a bolt of cloth. Seeing that’s all Casanova has, Tim urges him to make something so stunning that the judges will forgive him.

Before leaving, Tim tells everybody that the models will soon be by for their fitting, and they will have a surprise for everybody. Michael C. tells his friend Sarah that he got a great review, but Sarah isn’t confident in her design. Michael is worried for her, and Gretchen comments that Sarah’s dress looks too Tropicana. She advise Sarah to lose the pink and stick with the teal.

The models come in, bearing party bags for the designers, which the latter do not want. It turns out that they have to make an accessory for their outfit, using just the items in the bag. Casanova looks in his bag and exclaims that he is “close to die.” Andy is worried because he’s making a black and silver dress, and everything in his bag is colorful.

The designers fit their models and everybody except Andy has something for them to try on. Actually, he has the muslin base ready, but that’s about it. Valerie worries that her napkin skirt may be too heavy and rip loose from the top. Sarah likes the way her dress looks, but worries about finishing it. After the models leave, Gretchen asks Ivy how she’s doing and Ivy says her hands are burning from all the glue she’s using. By midnight, Andy still doesn’t have a whole lot on his dress form, but it’s time for everybody to go home.

The next morning, Gretchen confides that if she wins a third time everybody is going to hate her. Peach, Kristin, and Sarah already resent her. A.J. says he doesn’t see the point of his staying if something conservative wins.

The designers get to work. Gretchen takes it upon herself to remind everybody to clean their workspaces before leaving. Um, Gretchen, honey, by my reckoning, roughly half of the designers are over 30 – while you’re just 28. They don’t need you pretending to be their mother, okay?

The models come in for their final fitting. Valerie made a ring from some jacks and isn’t happy with it. She doesn’t think it’s innovative enough. Christopher made a teal ribbon ring, while A.J. made a necklace. Tim comes in and announces it’s time to send the models to hair and make-up. While that’s happening, Peach and April decide to help Andy finish his look, as they have finished theirs. Gretchen snipes that she hopes the judges take their help into consideration, as Andy’s needing help speaks of time management problems.

Finally, it’s off to the runway. Today’s guest judge is Betsey Johnson, a fashion designer. Christopher is up first, and he made a sleeveless beige dress out of napkins. He also added a wide brown belt and made a teal ring out of ribbons. Michael D. made a stiffly flaring light blue miniskirt and a spangly silver top.

Andy made a black and silver one-shoulder minidress out of ribbons. His accessory was a black glove made out of balloons. A.J.’s birthday party dress is next. It’s a riot of pink and black, with a very short skirt, that has a fringe of beads preserving the model’s modesty. His accessory is a large necklace.

Ivy made a grey one-shoulder dress with a flared skirt and about a million ruffles. Michael C. made a red-orange gown, that like Ivy’s has a one-shoulder strap and a ton of ruffles. Peach sent down a zebra-print skirt interspersed with pink. Her model is also wearing a sleeveless white top. Gretchen made a gold and silver miniskirt out of garlands, a black faux leather jacket made out of paper, and a black and white top with lacing in the front.

Mondo made a light pink bustier out of plastic plates and a darker pink miniskirt out of plastic garlands. Casanova sent down a long gown with a silver bustier and a long grey skirt covered with ruffles. He had turned the stuffed animals into a black wrap.