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Big Brother 12, Aug. 12 – 2nd Showmance Broken Up

Going live to the living room, Julie takes them back to last week’s HoH, saying some of them were showing their true colors. They get to watch themselves on the paint can for the first time. She plays Ragan saying that Big Brother is getting his laundry bill, then asks Lane how difficult the competition was. He says his whole body was shaking and he was about to fall off before it even started.

To Matt, Julie talks about Padoras Box, asking if it was a difficult decision, and he says no, as he doesn’t have any impulse control, but the risk wasn’t worth the reward. Kathy is asked about taking Rachel out of the PoV competition, and the confrontation. She didn’t think she owed her an apology, because she picked her because she thought she was weak.

They’ve all made it to the jury now, with seven of them now making it to the house, and the remaining two will be the final two. She asks everyone who they think the most underestimated player is. Matt says Kathy, Lane and Britney say Ragan, Enzo says Hayden, Ragan says himself. Kathy agrees it’s Ragan, Hayden says Britney, Rachel says everyone and she’d like to see them compete harder, and Brendon agrees it’s Britney.

Brendon’s ex-fiancee, Candice lends her opinion into the mix. She makes watching the show a drinking game with her mom. She broke up with him, because he was trying to change who she was. She says everything he’s said to Rachel, she herself heard numerous times. Her mom says he lived in their house for seven months and is very emotional and dramatic. She’s thankful her daughter didn’t marry him. Their drinking game intensifies when he says he’s going to protect her, as that’s what a knight does. Candice wants Rachel to be prepared for the emotional roller coaster. She thinks Rachel has a strong personality and is blinded by Brendon’s good looks.

With no HoH chat with Matt, Rachel stands up for her last plea. She tells the others she wanted it so badly, this whole Big Brother experience, and fought really hard the whole time to be there. She thanks them for the competition and says she’s grateful for being there with them and making it to the halfway point. Brendon has become her best friend, her true love and partner in crime, and no mater how many days they spend apart, he’ll still be in her heart.

Brendon says he learned a lot in the Big Brother season, namely if you open Pandora’s Box, you win $10,000, lie to the houseguests about it, and while they can’t search through things, it’s not about that. It’s about being a competitor, being feisty, fun, real, genuine, and being “me.” He’s fought real hard to be there with one of the most amazing people he’s met in his life. He’s fallen in love with her and found a new best friend and found out what it must have been like to be a witch in Salem. Really? Does he have to go there?

Enzo is up to vote first, and not surprisingly votes out Rachel. Britney votes to evict “tequila-vomit-hundred dollar bills Rachel”. Kathy does as well, and Ragan notes Brendon got the witch part right. He votes to evict Rachel, as do Lane and Hayden. Rachel is evicted in a unanimous vote. She takes her leave quietly,

Julie talks to Rachel who says she isn’t shocked to be there, as the houseguests were afraid of her as a comeptitor. She didn’t say goodbye to anyone because they got her, and she’s done nothing but fight. She had a great experience and was grateful to be there. She’s asked why Brendon’s plan to be the target didn’t work and thinks it’s because they’re afraid of her and think he’ll be out next week. As for the future of their romance, she figures she’ll move to L.A. and they’ll make it work.

In her goodbye messages, Matt tells Rachel ithat she got sucked into the Brendon vortex and got a little bitchy at times. Enzo wishes she would have been on his team, because she was such an awesome competitor. Because of that, he had to vote her out but wants her to vote for Meow Meow. Britney gets her digs in, saying she’ll miss wearing Rachel’s hair extensions, then says, “Who gets to go into the jury house? Tequila!”

Hayden tells Rachel unfortunately her romance with Brendon is what got her kicked out, but if it’s real, it’s worth more than half a million dollars. Brendon tells her she is something that comes along once in ten million lifetimes. It’s going to be harder for him without her and he’s going to fight for the both of them and will take revenge on those that hurt her.

Interestingly, Julie tells Rachel she may not have seen the last of the Big Brother house. Interesting! Is someone competing or getting an opportunity to get voted back in?

We get to decide what the Have Nots will eat this week. 1. Bologna and bran muffins. 2. Eggplant and escargot. 3. Turnips and tofu. I think if I was there I’d want the bologna and bran muffins, but I’d like to vote for them to get the eggplant and escargot.

For the HoH competition, the houseguests will need to weave themselves through a giant web, bringing an untangled rope with them. The first person to untangle themselves and buzz in wins HoH. They’ll also get to pick three Have Nots for the week. Watching Brendon flop in the mud is hysterical. They also have feathers flying on them at the same time.

The houseugests all look to be about an eighth of the way through the competition when we come back from commercial. It doesn’t look like this one will be over tonight. It’ll be another late one. Julie advises them to speed things up about because of the impending storm. Cue the rain.

With the excitement of the HoH comp, I nearly forgot Julie’s parting words to Rachel that she may not have seen the last of the Big Brother house. Will it be like a few seasons back where they can either open a box to get back in a houseguest who has been voted out, or keep the person currently being voted out? Will she be offered the Saboteur spot after Ragan’s two week term? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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