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Big Brother 12, Aug. 12 – 2nd Showmance Broken Up

It seems like the rest of the Big Brother house has finally got it together, realizing they need to take out the couples, especially after Jeff and Jordan did so well last season. They voted out Kristen last week, and this week, they’ll be breaking up another couple, getting rid of either Rachel or Brendon. Yet, throughout this, the green monster of the Brigade is hanging over them, but no one else even knows about it.
Brendon seemed to use the Andrew strategy of calling himself out during a veto meeting trying to sabotage his own game to save someone else. Ragan talks about it afterward, comparing it to the movie The Cable Guy, where the neanderthal makes an idiotic speech. He refers to him as Early Man, thinking he can attack people who are smaller and weaker than him. He wanted Brendon to know he messed with the wrong person. Britney calls Brendon a disgusting human being, a pansy and idiot, and spawn of Satan. She thinks he absolutely has to leave.

Brendon didn’t mind taking a dive, as he was doing it for someone he feels could become his wife and the mother of his children. Rachel blows up at him in the storage room, asking what he was thinking. She doesn’t know if she should be mad at him or thank him for the nicest thing that anyone would ever do for her. She cries later in the DR, saying she knew he would do something, but never knew he would sacrifice so much. It makes him the most amazing, special person she’s ever met. He knows people may think he’s an idiot for giving up the shot at a million, but he did it for love.

Rachel goes and plays it out, apologizing to Britney, telling her she didn’t know he was going to do that. Britney says Brendon has been talking about her behind her back the entire game, and she hasn’t let it affect her relationship with Rachel. She knows Rachel is in love with him, but the things he says are so classless, and she doesn’t think he likes women. Rachel calls it the worst place to be in, as she is in love with him. She wants Britney to think he did this totally without her knowing.

Britney goes outside to talk to the other guys, as she wants them to see Brendon for who he really is. She mentions it’s disgusting the way he has to always pick on people that he thinks are weaker than him. The people who intimidate him, he says nothing to. Enzo thinks she’s turning into a firecracker, and notes she has something in her pants. I don’t get that reference. Brendon is on the block and it was a bad move to tempt the fates. The guys, aka the Brigade, note Brendon and Rachel should be upset with them, but no one don’t knows about them. They laugh about the two scientists who can’t figure out the laws of physics in the house, meaning the Brigade.

Ragan goes up to talk to Matt, telling him that to look at Britney and how pissed off she was, then to look at how proud Brendon was of himself, he just couldn’t hold it in. He doesn’t want Brendon to think he can run all over him, because he can’t. Ragan now wants Brendon out, saying he just dug his own grave.

Rachel talks to Britney and Ragan, as she and Brendon thought it would be a good idea for her to try and be friendly with other people in the house, to hopefully get the votes to stay. She tells them they were friends before. Ragan tells her they clearly operate on two different levels, and the behavior he’s witnessed in the past couple weeks makes no sense to him. With all the theatrics, the one common denominator in all the arguments is her. He tells her she isn’t a good sport, and she counters there’s nothing she can say to him that he’ll listen to, and she stalks off.

The Neanderthal marches over there to talk with them, and they are also joined by Kathy. He asks Ragan what he’s doing, saying he went from being her best friend to [something they need to bleep out]. Ragan tells him he wasn’t even privy to the conversation, and Brendon tells him he stabbed her in the back. Brendon brings up about his alliance with Matt, and Ragan laughs, calling them a “gruesome twosome.” Britney just laughs at the whole thing, then walks off like she’s doing Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks. He begs them to keep him, promising he’ll win HoH.

Later in a Brigade meeting, Enzo says what he did today is going to make him leave, as he has no one in the house. Hayden says if they keep Brendon, he has a huge target on his back, and he’s not as good of a competitor as Rachel, and others will try to take him out, buying himself and the rest of the Brigade another week in the house. Lane says if Rachel leaves, Brendon will be done. It comes down to being who’s the bigger threat.

Ragan gets called to the DR, and finds a new Saboteur message. He hopes America wants him to do something horrible to Brendon. A viewer makes a suggestion through Facebook, and Ragan stops to note how much he misses the social network. The viewer wants him to take Britney’s favorite bikini, get it wet, and stick it in the freezer. He says she’s so smoking hot, that even if you did that, the bikini would then become summery and warm and fierceness. Another viewer thinks he should create a paranoia that the person leaving isn’t really leaving. He likes this one because it would stir up a lot of emotions and paranoia in the house. He loves it.

The Saboteur airs another message, telling the houseguests not to sweat out who they eliminate this week, as they might not really be gone. Matt, with the diamond power of veto, just smiles. The Saboteur continues, telling them true love does conquer all. Brendon and Rachel are happy there might be a chance at both staying. She goes back again to her mantra of not getting between her and her man. The other houseguests suggest that maybe they’re staying because one of them has a special power. Matt tells the DR he has the diamond PoV, and the only way he can think of that would keep Brenchel safe is if one of them has another crazy power. Ragan knows he’s one step closer to the $20 grand.


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