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Top Chef: DC, Episode 8 – Restaurant Wars Shocker!

Evoo’s service is awful.  They left off one of the dishes from the menu.  Moby did not greet the judges and left Gail wondering if there is a hostess stand. He stammers and even mistakenly calls his own lamb dish a pork dish.  Tom’s eye roll is classic.  Parma demands her second course while Frank has an empty water glass.  And no goodbye from Moby. 

Twenty One 21 – Course 1
Kelly – Chilled Sweet Corn Soup with Maryland Blue Crab Salad – Tom misses strong corn flavor, or any flavor!  Parma does like the use of seasonal crab even though the corn is out of season.  Tom says I would be a great dish in two months.
Kenny – Beet Salad with Warm Chorizo-Citrus Vinaigrette. Tom quotes Coco Chanel as he thinks Kenny should have no only removed one item before going out, but three or four of them.  

Twenty One 21 – Course 2
Hot Amanda – Oakwood Grilled Strip Steak with Roasted Sunchoke & Maitake Mushrooms – Tom says it is cut too thin and lacks a rich crust.  Frank does rave about the sauce.
Sbarro – Pan-Roasted Halibut, Fennel Marmalade & Tomato-Fennel Emulsion – Frank thinks it is very pretty and that Sbarro should take up painting.  And it tastes great too.

Twenty One 21 – Course 3
Kenny – Crispy Aged Goat Cheese and Strawberry-Rhubarb Relish – Kenny’s downfall.  Gail calls it a massive hunk of cheese for one person and is actually laughing about how bad it is.  Frank calls it an awful horror show.
Kelly – Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart & Blackberry-Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream– Gail likes the salt and the taste, but Frank found the ice cream lacking flavor.  If and when Kelly loses, it will be for under-seasoning something.

Kelly is the anti-Moby – everything he did wrong in the front she did right.  She even checked in on them during the second course.  She told Sbarro about Frank’s raves that she overheard.  Basically, they despised the everything Kenny made, while could find praise for the other three in some ways.

Evoo wins and 21-21 is stunned.  Spenny’s soup, Tiffany’s bass and Ed’s fish are given praise, but Frank gives a well-earned win to Ed.

21-21?  Still stunned and let the judges know how stunned hey are that they Lost to the disorganized Evoo.  Gail reminds them that they are judges on food and service, not communications in the kitchen. 

Frank praises Kelly for her “clumsy charisma” but her soup was thin.  Frank calls the salad “beet salad through the guise of Hamberger Helper” an Kenny is visibly wounded.  Sbarro’s dish made him smile but Hot Amanda’s was a “great pair of shoes on a mediocre suit.”

Kenny and the team were doomed once the cheese was ripped apart.  Kenny attempts to throw the spotlight on Moby’s uselessness and how Ed and Spenny covered for him.  Sbarro later screamed at Moby in the Stew Room, as he clearly knows Kenny will be gone and how Moby really stunk up the joint.

Kenny is out and in his final moments blames Moby.  Strange guy.  I wanted to like him, but he kept doing annoying things. 

* Spenny seems to lose his mojo next week, I wonder if losing his foil will hurt his game.
* Loved Gail’s incredulous “Frank, how’d you like the cheese?”
* Padma’s pantsuit.  I never thought I would find one of those sexy, and yet here we are.

Next week – CIA and Director Leon Panetta.

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