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Top Chef: DC, Episode 8 – Restaurant Wars Shocker!

Team Kenny – Sauteed Shrimp, Angel Hair Pasta, Mustard Sauce and Crispy Basil  Ms. Third In Line For the Presidency comes out and thrills Kelly and Kenny.  She says that as someone from San Francisco – where Top Chef originated (she’s a fan, or her aide is very efficient), it reminds her of home with the flavors.

Team Spenny – Roasted Red Snapper, Wilted Greens and Maitake MushroomsShe finds it to be wholesome but salty.  

Clearly, Team Kenny wins this challenge and the $10,000 prize.  No immunity, no reward.  Just the lead in to Restaurant Wars, with teams remainng the same.  They will be serving in the Redwood Restaurant on Bethesda Row in Maryland.  Guest judging will be Frank Bruni, famed New York Times food critic.  Also, providing the wine and dining at the event will be Bill and John Terlato from Terlato Vineyard.  

In the preparation segment, what we got was that Team Spenny (who names their restaurant Evoo, as in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, making Rachael Ray happy. ) does not trust Moby at all and do not give him much to do in the kitchen.  Or for preparation.  They stick him in the front of the house where he proceeds to mess up there too.  And yes, they are making the infamous pea puree.  I wonder if they found Ed’s!  Moby is so mean to the staff he actually shows them how to clean a table and essentially admits to being a terrible boss.

Spenny shows the first signs of freak out than we have seen so far and it does not go unnoticed by Kenny, whose team is a well-oiled machine.  It turns out to be a crappy food making machine! They choose Twenty-one 21 as the restaurant name, the address at the Top Chef house.

At Whole Foods and Restaurant Depot show more Evoo issues as they have no menu or plan, and Kenny and Hot Amanda marvel at this.  Spenny comments on 21-21 confidence, “they are Whistling Dixie” which can be dangerous.  Spenny is calling them out for over-confidence, which is quite ironic.

The first 21-21 issue show up as Hot Amanda struggles with the wood-burning stove. Meanwhile, Spenn is redoing Moby’s dish.  Kelly has nerves about working the front – a task usually taken by her husband when he is not mailing her whiskey.  She wisely elects to make a cold soup an dessert (dessert?  Wise?  Seriously!) so she can focus on the front.  In the Extra Scene, Hot Amanda is shown overcooking the beef in a massive dose of foreshadowing.

Evoo – Course 1
Spenny – Confit of Tomato Soup, Squash and Olive Crouton – Frank wants to taste more of his cooking as I may take him in interesting directions.  Wow.  High praise!
Tiffany – Crudo of Black Bass and Yellowtail Snapper with Meyer Lemon-Caper  
 Gail missed any subtlety an found it salty.

Evoo – Course 2
Tiffany – Striped Bass, Stewed Spinach, Chorizo and Clams – Gail says it was overcooked but Frank liked it.  
Ed – Slow baked Turbot, Eggplant Caviar and Black Olive Jus.  Frank really likes this one, as it is the only dish fitting the Mediterranean theme.

Evoo – Course 3
”Moby” – Pan-seared Lamb Chop, English Pea Puree, Smoked Bacon and Parmesan
– Frank dislikes the texture.
Spenny/Ed – Seared Rib Eye Steak, Crushed Walnut Potatoes, and Balsamic Fig Reduction..  Frank again misses the Mediterranean flavors.