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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 12 – Great Season Comes to an End

Adam names another favorite routine, saying that the MVPs this season were NappyTab’s routines, like the Jerome Robbins of the season. He adds Jerome choreographed West Side Story, which he’s been in thousands of times, yet Nigel got the acts of it wrong last night. This piece was when Lauren established herself as the woman to beat this season. The contemporary queen showed the hip hop king who the boss of the dance floor was. Lauren and Twitch take on My Chick Bad, and she did show him up some in this routine.

Because he’s injured, we only see the tape of Alex and Allison dancing to Hallelujah, but it’s great to see again no matter what capacity, live or already taped and viewed. It’s great he can be included as well as some of his routines, as he was a very integral part of the show until he was injured.

Stacey gets her choice for favorite routine and is choosing a high energy performance. It’s the Bollywood routine with Billy and Robert. This dance genre is growing on me. I wasn’t fond of it at first, but it’s definitely growing on me.

Mia is picking a routine that made her speechless, a rare event. It’s another Travis routine and danced by her favorite male partnership this season, Neal and Kent, to How It Ends. I’ll have to agree with her on the partnership and the dance.

It’s a live performance of Black Gold’s Shine, the song they use to say goodbye to their contestants each week. This is providing the background for some of the show’s nuttier auditions.

Cat tells us that shortly before Alex had to drop out of the competition, he did the amazing hip hop with Twitch. They were contacted by a dance legend who wanted to recreate the dance with Twitch. Without naming the superstar, the routine starts, and the superstar is none other than Ellen DeGeneres. It starts off good, then she messes up …. intentionally of course. It really was amazing. She admits after that it started as a joke, then kind of took off from there.

It’s time to name our winner. Kent and Lauren take the stage … holding hands of course. We go back and watch their journey to see just how they got here, from their auditions, to Vegas, to the final 11. The winner of season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance is Lauren. She gets a Gatorade, courtesy of Russell.

I am a little surprised, as I was thinking the whole time it was going to be Kent. But again, she’s just as deserving as Kent or Robert. They were all three very good. And we have this new format to thank for that. I was one of the skeptics at the beginning of this season, but I don’t think it could have been any more successful. To have such a qualified final three is really amazing.

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