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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 12 – Great Season Comes to an End

Kent and Anya Garnis are here for their My First Kiss routine. He’s better in it this time around, losing the Kent face … for a little while, then it comes back. It has to be that ingrained in him. I don’ think he even knows when he’s doing it.

Tyce makes his pick for his favorite from the season. He wants to celebrate Napoleon and Tabitha D’Umo. It features Robert as well as Dominic Sandoval. It’s the routine where they’re unhappy clowns. They seem even more into it than they were originally.

Of course if we’re talking about NappyTab, we also have to talk about National Dance Day. All of this was to a NappyTab routine and it took place all across the nation. Even the killer whales and dolphins at Sea World took part in it. For Nigel it’s all about getting inspired to stay healthy and stay fit. Even last year’s winner, Russell Ferguson, was on hand.

Nigel now takes the stage for the pomised routine he’s been working on all season. But he comes out with crutches and a wrapped foot, saying it was the season 7 curse, and he stubbed his toe on Adam’s wallet, something odd, as he rarely gets it out. A little boy comes and tugs on him, saying he wants to fill in for him tap dancing.Nigel tells the boy, Luke, it’s a professonal show and they don’t want to see him tap dancing. But the audience disagrees. Luke really does have amazing talent. The Mazori Brothers are out next, two more tape dancers, but these guys are adults. They’re good and all, but really they had a hard act to follow in Luke.

Nigel has had many favorites this season and they’ve been divvied up tonight. He said last night Lauren was possibly the best contemporary dancer to do ballroom, and this is the first routine she did with Pasha Kovalev, an Argentine Tango, a smoldering Argentine Tango, I’ll add.

Adam picks his favorite, saying every season there’s the piece that makes the whole season, making everybody cry and talk about it the next day. This season it was Travis Wall’s Fix You piece, danced by Robert and Allison Holker. What’s so extraordinary is it’s the physical manifestation of everybody’s common need to be cared for and the beauty and courage giving that care and love. It has to be Emmy-winning, which would be a great accomplishment for Travis in the early stages of his choreographing career.

Russell Ferguson comes out to dance with ‘Lil C to Hazardous by Buckmouth. I’ll give it a ‘Lil C compliment and say it’s buck. I’ll also add that I missed him on the judging panel this season. Russell tells Cat he’s ready to give up his tiara and also ready to tour.

It’s Mary’s shot at picking a favorite, even though she didn’t sit on the panel except in Vegas. This one hottie patottie from season three is joined in this season by another hottie patottie. Dominic and Jose Ruiz definitely have two tickets on the train. They’re back out dancing to Battle for the Beat by District 78. Good to see Jose again. He’s infectious.

The winner of So You think You Can Dance UK, Charlie Bruce, dances a routine with Neil Haskell, dancing to I Surrender by Celine Dion. It’s an absolutely beautiful routine, fog and all. It produces some great lines.

All three finalists take the stage again as one of them will certainly be dismissed, leaving just a final two. Robert is regrettably wearing a Bollywood costume, which Cat deems the best exit costume ever. And it is indeed him coming in third, propelling Kent and Lauren into first and second place, although we don’t know yet which is which. Robert thanks everyone for voting for him and says the journey has been an amazing thing and really blessed him.


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