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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 12 – Great Season Comes to an End

Nigel Lythgoe said last night that he doesn’t really care who wins and is happy with any of the three finalists, which he indicated was rare for him. I think many of us feel the same way. I won’t be upset no matter who wins, but I am kind of hoping for a Kent Boyd win, if push comes to shove.

All eleven finalists appear to be back as we see a group dance to Nathan Lanier’s Ra, with tap dancer Melinda Sullivan taking the spotlight. She’s followed by who seems to be Jose Ruiz and Dominic Sandoval, but it’s hard to tell, as we don’t se the faces. Twitch comes in later with a group of ladies, followed by Alex Wong in a chair dancing with only his hands. It’s so fast-paced,We have a it’s hard to tell who’s really all out there, but seems to be all the finalists, along with the All-Stars. It was Christopher Scott who choreographed.

The judging table is quite crowded with Nigel Lythgoe in the middle, as Cat Deeley makes fun of his ever-changing hair throughout the seasons. He’s joined by Mia Michaels with a clip package of her unique words, Adam Shakman, with a clip package of his many faces, Tyce Diorio, Stacey Tookey, Kenny Ortega, and back again, Mary Murphy.

Kent Boyd talks about his performances last night, saying he was extremely nervous as it was the finale and he was first up onstage. Lauren Froderman claims she was campaigning for votes in her debate routine. Robert Roldan says he and Mark Kanemura were amped up and ready, and when Mia said he was most improved, it made him feel special. His dance with Lauren felt incredible, and she thought it felt like they were flying.

The characters of Kent and Lauren’s dance came easy to them, just being kooky and fun. His contemporary routine with Allison became one of his favorite of the season, feeling like he has grown. Robert remembers his Cool routine as a blur. Lauren admits there’s no better way to end a season than dancing with Pasha. Her best compliment of her entire life was Mia saying if she was still dancing, she’d want to dance like her. Kent and Robert liked ending with the one they did together.

The judges are all picking their favorite routines of the season, and Kenny has chosen Tyce’s piece Shoeless Joe to see again as he paid back an homage to Fosse who originally choreographed it, and also paid it forward to a piece that incorporated jazz, athletics, and gymnastics in a combined way that was so inspiring and entertaining. It was so perfectly suited for Kent and his needs at that point, it moved him forward and made him the frontrunner of the show. Kent and Neil Haskell take on the routine, and it’s as good as we remembered.

Nigel thinks this season has allowed them to do different things like putting two guys together, and this one is choreographed by Stacey, taking two schoolfriends getting them to meet up later in their lives under very different circumstances. They changed the rules to give Billy Bell an eleventh place, and this routine showed why he deserved having the rules changed for him. Billy dances this with Ade Obayomi. I couldn’t remember it at first when Nigel was explaining it, but now I do. Billy finally stopped worrying about technique with this one.

Dance crew Quest, with Ryan Conferido and Hok from past seasons of So You Think You Can Dance and a group of select others, perform for us, dancing to Suzy by Caravan Palace. It’s quite a different feel for a breaking routine.

A favorite Mi wants to see again was compared to Dance Short film and was heart-stopping choreography. Comfort Fedoke came back as a whole new dancer, and Adechike Torbert danced it with her, in one of his finest moments this season. They dance their Fallin’ routine, and it’s another that involved a lot of emotion.

Cat notes we had a lot of romance this season, even if it was a little one-sided. We get a clip package that begins with an auditioner pulling Cat’s hand down to his nether region, and ends with Adam’s marriage proposal to Nigel. Cat tells him to make sure he gets a prenup.


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