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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 11 – More Dancing Than Any Other Finale

Kent and Robert are paired to learn a Malevos (Gangster) routine choreographed by Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo. It’s about a fight, as they come from the outskirts of the city. They’re ready to battle it out tango style. Robert notes the footwork is crazy. Kent thinks it’ll be okay as he has an intention behind it, that being to kill Robert. They dance tonight to Taylor Long’s The Chosen/Drum Addict, and it has a great feel to it along with a great energy.

Nigel explains it’s what the men do to practice their tango before dancing with the women, prompting him to realize there must be be some tough women in South America. These two have done more dancing tonight than any of the other finalists in other seasons, because there are only three instead of four. This routine shows how hard they’ve had to work. In an age where so many people come into this with a sense of entitlement, with everyone thinking they deserve to be a star, these three have proven how hard you have to work to achieve something. He congratulates all of them and hopes whoever our vote is for, we call in and vote.

Mia loves the feel of this piece, and says having the two of them up there, there was a debonair quality to it, and she loved that. There was a hood to it like they were going to kick some ass, and she loves that, but knows they’re also the best of friends. She doesn’t even know what they’re talking about tonight, as she just loves these guys. It was a great performance. The legwork could be tighter, but they’re contemporary dancers. As a whole, she loved it.

Adam syas Mia is 1000% right as there was some precision that wasn’t right, but it doesn’t matter, as we’re talking about America’s favorite dancer. These three have become his favorite three on any season. He watched them enter as kids, as it’s the youngest finale they’ve ever had, but they came out seasoned professionals, and he for one can’t wait to work with them.

I have to honestly say that by the end of the show tonight, I was no longer thinking about Alex Wong, and the credit for that goes to these three dancers still standing at the end.

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